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Can Dieting at a Young Age Affect Future Health?

Can Dieting at a Young Age Affect Future Health?
The earlier in life a woman starts dieting, the more long-term consequence it can have for her health, a study suggests.

In the study, researchers asked 1,340 college-aged women when they first started dieting, and then followed them for 10 years to examine their dieting habits and health later in life. 

They found out that early ages of dieting correlated to a laundry list of issues, including extreme weight-control behaviors, greater alcohol consumption, abuse and addiction, as well as a greater chance of being overweight or obese at the 10-year follow-up.

Shockingly, the age of the first diet among women in the study ranged from as young as three years old to 26 years old. 

With the obesity rates rising, the age of dieters has lowered. Parents try to put their kids on stricter diets earlier on in life, which can result in a lifelong battle with weight, fad diets, body image and emotional issues. 

Dr. Pam Peeke and Michelle King Robson discuss why dieting at an early age can have such a negative impact on health later in life. They also share what you can do to have a balanced approach to weight management and health for you and your loved ones.
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