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Post Traumatic Love Disorder: A Real Heartbreaker

Post Traumatic Love Disorder: A Real Heartbreaker
What is Post Traumatic Love Disorder?

Post Traumatic Love Disorder (PTLD) is a term coined by Abiola Abrams, author of The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love, to describe what occurs after a devastating love event... most likely a breakup, separation or divorce from your significant other. 

A Canadian study of 5,254 women and 4,521 men aged between 20 and 64, found the same effects for people who split up after living together. These effects included a rise in depression and a decline in physical health.

Why is it that people have such problems moving forward from dysfunctional relationships? After the end of a relationship, pain is inevitable. But suffering is something that is optional. 

If you're in an abusive relationship, but unable to call it quits, the whole "break-up and make-up" scenario can turn into a vicious cycle.

Once the relationship is actually terminated -- by your choice or your partner's -- it feels similar to a death in the family. You may even feel like you are losing a part of your identity and find it hard to walk away with confidence.

That's when the stress, fatigue and depression sinks in and the harsh reality that you are alone becomes even more evident.  

It turns out, though, if you are in a bad relationship with someone, it's completely possible that it's because you are in a bad relationship with yourself

Abiola is a lifestyle coach and author who's teachings are buoyed by her Guyanese family lessons and overcoming personal challenges from disordered eating to a failed marriage.

Abiola encourages women to find their personal power by claiming their "inner bombshell." She embraces the essences of traditional bombshells like Marilyn Monroe to modern-day fierce women like Beyonce. She also says this essence reigns true with iconic females such as Hilary Clinton and Maya Angelou, who exemplify the "bombshell" as someone who loves herself and is firmly confident and independent. 

Join Abiola as she helps Dr. Pam Peeke and Michelle King Robson find their (and your) inner bombshell. 

3 Tips to Help You Love Yourself: 
  • How are you treating yourself? You need to take care of yourself physically and mentally: meditate, pamper yourself and make sure you eat.
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with? The people who you occupy your time with can have a positive or negative influence.
  • GIVE: make sure you are generous and give back to others; in turn this will make you feel better about yourself.
  • Take responsibility: do not see life through "victim colored glasses."
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Abiola Abrams, lifestyle coach
Abiola AbramsPassionate Living Expert, Self-Worth and Relationship Maven Abiola Abrams is known for her bold but caring advice. She writes and broadcasts about the heart-centered lifestyle and personal power! In addition to being an in-demand speaker, certified life coach, author, columnist and multi-platform media personality, Abiola is the founder of "The Passionista Playbook" love, lifestyle & self improvement blog, and her award-winning web TV series.