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Restraining Orders: When to Get One & Why

Restraining Orders: When to Get One & Why
Did you know that one out of three women is abused at some point in her life?

Making matters even worse, about 4,000 women die each year due to domestic violence (Domestic Abuse Shelter). 

If you're being subjected to abuse -- whether it's physical, sexual, mental or emotional -- what are some ways you can seek relief?

A restraining order is a court order that is designed to protect you from being physically abused, threatened, stalked or harassed. This order is a legal remedy for both women and men who are suffering. 

Some people are afraid of obtaining a restraining order; they would rather deal with the abuse over trying to get the order of protection, particularly if they feel the order would set an abuser over the edge.

Others feel like a restraining order is melodramatic and unnecessary.

However, you need to change the way you think about this legal process. Eventually, the abuse will get to that "point of no return," and it becomes imperative for you to take action against the violence. 

Nneka MacGregor is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Centre for Social Justice, better known as the Womenatthecentre. In this segment, Nneka lays out the process for obtaining a restraining order, as well as shares the reasons why it may become necessary.
Featured Speaker:
Nneka MacGregor, Co-founder & Executive Director of WomenatthecentrE
nneka macgregorNneka MacGregor is an entrepreneur and the co-founder and Executive Director of the Women's Centre for Social Justice, better known as the WomenatthecentrE. WomenatthecentrE is a non profit organization created by women survivors of gendered violence, for women survivors. The organization works to bring the expertise of women survivors to influence violence against women policies and programs.

She sits on a number of Advisory Boards and Committees, including the Toronto Police Domestic Violence Advisory Committee. Nneka is a respected advocate who also develops and delivers training to various sectors and corporations. She has played a leading role in a number of initiatives, including restraining orders law reform, and in 2007, was one of 13 experts selected by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario to review the range of services provided to women and children in the province, identify gaps and making recommendations.

Nneka is on the Board of Trustees of the Girl Child Network Worldwide, a UK-based charity that focuses on empowerment of the girl child, through education and the eradication of practices that impede their full physical, emotional and spiritual growth and development. Nneka is also Chair of the Board of Directors of Moatfield Foundation of Bayview Glen School, an independent co-educational school in Toronto. She is often called upon to give key note addresses. In January 2013 she was part of a fundraising team that summited Mount Kilimanjaro and went again in January, 2014, with her son and other three other mother and sons teams, as part of the WomenatthecentrE Mothers And Sons Against Violence Against Women (MASAVAW) initiative to engage men and boys. She is a proud mother of three wonderful children.