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Substance Abuse: Trading One Addiction for Food

Substance Abuse: Trading One Addiction for Food
Addictions are often solutions to emotional needs.

Not surprisingly, many addicts transfer from one bad habit to another.

Why do you see some people trade addictions? When you remove a vice from someone's life -- one that has become so psychologically valuable -- he or she instinctively grasps at another crutch to hold on to, like cigarettes or food. 

There is a lot of shame, blame and guilt that happens with addiction; another driver for recovering addicts to turn to new compulsions.

Andrea Szebeni, RD, helps you understand cross-addiction and how to treat the disease comprehensively.
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Andrea Szebeni, RD, RN

Andrea Szebeni.jpgAndrea Szebeni helps people go beyond their physical goals through nutrition as a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist and Certified Conditioning Coach. She has worked in a clinical setting helping pre- and post-operative gastric bypass patients, cardiovascular diseases, diabetic patients, as well as eating disorder patients.