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7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress
If you've recently been proposed to, you know the excitement and joy you feel as soon as you see your partner falling to one knee. However, you also may have heard from friends and family the chronic headaches and stress wedding planning can give you. One of the biggest challenges many women spend their energy on is finding the perfect wedding dress.

How do you know when you should say 'yes' to the dress?

It's true that every bride has her own taste and style, but there are certain things to consider when picking out your dress. For instance, if you have a straight, curvy, or athletic body type, certain silhouettes look better on you.

What are the seven tips?
  • Know your silhouette.
  • Know what type of venue you're having and make sure it fits your dress. For instance, are you having a beach venue, barn, or ballroom?
  • Pick the right undergarments.
  • Pick a tasteful dress depending on your age.
  • Consider your accessories.
  • Play with the different shades of white (how they look on your skintone, the colors you've chosen for your wedding, etc.).
  • Know which neckline looks best with your body type.
Los Angeles-based fashion consultant, Lori Ann Robinson, shares the seven tips to consider while trying to find your perfect wedding dress.
Featured Speaker:
Lori Ann Robinson, Image and Fashion Consultant
lori Lori Ann Robinson is a Los Angeles-based Image and Fashion Consultant and multiple Emmy nominated costume designer.

Her talents for style, design, color and fashion are the foundation of her career -dressing women and men. She knows how to translate dreams and desires into fashion and image success. Her image strategy is matching personality, lifestyle, and body type to today's current styles while solving the 'I don't know how to shop or what to buy and what to wear' challenges everyone faces. Lori Ann is a leading expert helping women and men find their best style no matter what their body shape and age.

Lori Ann's clients engage her talents to help them dress for success in both their professional and personal life. They take her guidance on dining, social, and networking etiquette, and the power of body language to enhance their 'visual business card'.

Her presentations and workshops are enlightening as well as entertaining so that participants can update their appearance, understand the dress code for their industry and learn ways to enhance their image and business etiquette.

Her corporate clients include: Pepsi Bottling Group, Macy's, Morgan Stanley, AIG SunAmerica, Disneyland Resort, TC Fine Intimates (Brand Spokesperson), Paramount Pictures.

Her style tips and image expert advice appeared in local and national publications, including Men's Health, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. She frequently contributes to on-line publications such as the Huffington Post.

She has appeared on The View, Good Morning America and E! and appeared as the color expert in the 'Behind the Scenes' interviews for the highly successful film Divergent app.