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Junk Food Can Damage Your Health in Just 9 Days

Junk Food Can Damage Your Health in Just 9 Days
It may seem like junk food is everywhere, which makes it easier and more tempting to consume throughout your day.

The prevalence of junk food can make it extremely hard to follow good eating habits. Even when you allow yourself a cheat meal (or several), you might have noticed a change in how you feel, and how your brain reacts towards overly-processed junk foods.

An article posted on Fox News Health lists seven ways junk food can mess up your health in just nine days or less:
  1. Screws up your metabolism
  2. Narrows your arteries immediately
  3. Throws off your concentration
  4. Zaps your energy and makes you cranky
  5. Makes you look less attractive
  6. Alters your brain chemistry
  7. Changes your gut bacteria

Listen in as Pam Peeke, MD, shares the seven ways junk food damages your health in nine days or less.