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What Happens When You Have Unrealistic Expectations of Your Sex Life?

What Happens When You Have Unrealistic Expectations of Your Sex Life?
In recent years, it seems like younger generations have become more open with sexuality.

For the longest time, sex was something private and it was sacred only between two people who were in love. Now, it seems like women and men are losing their virginity at younger ages, while also having several partners.

This "sexual evolution" may cause you to have high expectations of what your sex life should be. For example, pick up any women's magazine and it will tell you the "normal" amount of sex you should be having is at least three times a week. It will also often include mind-blowing positions you should try that will drive you and your partner into immediate orgasms.

But, what if you don't want to partake in as much sex as you used to? Does this mean your sex life isn't as good?

Author Rachel Hills shares how expectations of sex have changed and what happens when your life doesn't go according to plan.
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Rachel Hills, Author
Rachel HillsRachel Hills is a New York-based (via Sydney, Australia) feminist journalist and author of The Sex Myth, a book about the invisible norms and unspoken assumptions that shape the way we think about sex. You might have seen her work in publications including Cosmopolitan, The New Republic, Buzzfeed, TIME, Daily Beast, NYMag and more.