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The Wedding is Off: Now What?

The Wedding is Off: Now What?
Stacey Becker was set to marry her best friend. They'd been together for a long time and everything was booked for the wedding. Months from the wedding, they discovered they were no longer on the same page about being married.

They called it off.

What if it happens to you?

You need people to rally around you, especially if you're the one who is heartbroken. Enlist these folks to help inform people the wedding is off. Your emotions are too raw to deal with responses from invited guests. You might not feel like recounting the tale of being dumped just yet.

Dealing with the vendors is tough. Review your contracts. It may be easier to get out of a contract with a larger company that will have an easier time filling the date. Pay attention to the cancellation dates and fees.

Keep in mind that this isn't the end of your personal love story. Stay busy. Keep on a schedule. Exercise and eat. Put yourself out there, because you may just meet someone who is ready to share life with you.

Listen in as Stacey shares her story, as well as tips on moving forward after the cancellation.
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Stacey Becker
Stacey BeckerStacey Becker is a writer disguised as a full time corporate lawyer for a global financial institution living in New York City. During a typical workday, she’ll disguise her “lawyerness” by having incredibly important discussions about personal relationships, what was on TV last night or exchanging stories about the strange and crazy things that people do each and every day. It’s the peculiar and amusing things, waiting to be discovered and written about, that get her out of bed each morning. Well, it’s those things, an annoying alarm clock and a paycheck. Otherwise, she’d go jogging in Central Park, read great books and take leisurely naps all day to avoid her three-hour daily commute.