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Should You Dress Your Age? Secrets of a Hollywood Stylist

Should You Dress Your Age? Secrets of a Hollywood Stylist
You’ve seen the clickbait lists on what you shouldn’t be wearing.

It’s time to take fashion advice from an expert.

You want to look young and vital as you age. Your body shape may be changing, and you may have areas that you showed off in your 20s you now want to camouflage. Staying current and hip doesn’t mean you have to shop in a store that caters to the younger set.

Find manufacturers that specialize in your body shape. You can look great at any weight, but you have to learn your body shape. Don’t give up on looking good. You don’t have to commit to a wardrobe of elastic clothing and cropped pants.

You can also look alluring and attractive at any age. Dating later in life brings its own wardrobe challenges. The youth market won’t provide you with the clothing that would appeal to a silver fox.

Wear a thong if you want. Be sure it fits and doesn’t dig into your sides. Wearing a tight thong under form-fitting trousers may not be flattering.

Don’t go braless if you’re a C cup or larger. Support your breast tissue properly. Wearing the proper undergarments will make your outer clothing look better. Nothing makes a woman look heavier than wearing an ill-fitting bra.

Dressing like a professional, powerful woman without dressing like a man is challenging. It’s easy to grab a pantsuit, but it’s not always flattering.

Get your colors done by an expert so your clothing flatters you. The colors you wear should not drain the color from your face. Wear dark colors where you don’t want to draw attention. Make sure your darker clothing fits you perfectly. Break up suits by pairing brighter jackets with darker pants. Consider a coat dress to look feminine and powerful.

Image and fashion consultant Lori Ann Robinson shares how you can look good at any age, any weight.
Featured Speaker:
Lori Ann Robinson, Fashion Consultant
Lori Ann RobinsonLori Ann Robinson is a Los Angeles based Fashion Consultant, Speaker and former 4 time Emmy nominated costume designer.  

Lori Ann's talents for style, keen sense of color and fashion have been the foundations of her successful career in fashion and has helped her become a leading expert in helping women and men find their best style, no matter what their body shape and age. 

Her fashion superpower is matching YOUR personality, lifestyle and body type with today’s current styles while solving the “I don’t know how to shop or what to buy or what to wear” are challenges everyone faces.

Clients who work with Lori Ann are looking for her help to dress for success in both their professional and personal lives! 

She has appeared on national television, most prominently on Good Morning America, The View and Pure Oxygen