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Body Contouring: Restoring Form After Weight Loss Surgery

Body Contouring: Restoring Form After Weight Loss Surgery
Major weight loss can alleviate pressures on the body, both physical and of a mental nature.

However, the extra skin doesn’t always tighten up when the weight is gone.

Major weight gain and loss takes its toll on the skin. It can cause hygiene issues and rashes. It impacts daily life. Body contouring is an option for these individuals.

Some people have led an active life or had children and just need a little form and function restoration.

Body contouring starts with the discussion of goals for the operation. The procedures may be done at once or take place in stages.

Those who have gone through major weight loss may have hernias or weakened fascia from the now-gone weight. Blood vessels might be enlarged from having to feed so much of the body. A general surgery team is typically on back-up in case it's necessary to handle any unexpected issues.

Body contouring surgery is a bit more complex than cosmetic surgery, so the techniques vary. It’s not about making the abdomen look as tight as possible but rather about restoring the form and function of that abdominal wall. Sometimes, the abdominal muscles need to be repaired so they can support the lighter body.

There is no magic number that tells you when you should investigate body contouring. If your skin doesn’t retract while you lose weight, body contouring may help you. It’s okay to get help.

Lifestyle changes are important after surgery. Changing diet and fitness habits can improve your results.

Listen in as Dr. Jennifer Capla shares how body contouring works.


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Featured Speaker:
Jennifer Capla, MD
Dr. Jennifer CaplaDr. Jennifer Capla is a plastic surgeon specializing in body contouring surgery. Her unique training has provided her with an exclusive skill set along with the most up-to-date techniques in the specialty.

Dr. Capla graduated cum laude from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Arts degree followed by a medical degree from New York University School of Medicine graduating with honors. She did her residency training at New York University, one of the top plastic and reconstructive surgery programs in the country. She is one of a select few that has performed a fellowship in body contouring surgery with a leading pioneer in the field at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  

During her training, Dr. Capla has performed basic science and clinical research, publishing over 15 articles in peer-reviewed journals. She has earned multiple prestigious awards including the highly competitive Gingrass Award from Plastic Surgery Research Council. She has presented at national meetings including American College of Surgeons, Plastic Surgery Research Council, Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgery, American Society of Aesthetic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Capla has been featured for her pro-bono work in the New York Times and a TLC special featuring the world’s former heaviest man.

Her cosmetic interests aim to provide a customized approach to body contouring that tailors an operation to fit each individuals body type. The goal is to sculpt the body and maximize shape using the latest techniques in a combination approach.