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Lingerie: Sexy Empowerment

Lingerie: Sexy Empowerment
It’s not uncommon to hate shopping for bras. Knowing your options ahead of time arms you for a better purchasing experience.

Bralettes are thin, seamed pieces of fabric held together with elastic. The style is similar to 1920s bras but with more shaping to cup the breasts. These are best for cups smaller than a petite C. They don’t provide the same support as an underwire bra. Consider the foundation necessary for your outerwear. Bralettes are great to wear around the house under t-shirts.

Spa bras are like workout bras without the compression. Light padding provides some support, so they don’t seem as revealing. You can layer a sports bra over your own bra to get a little more cleavage coverage. The padded cup may be molded foam or filled with light stuffing. Consider silicone nipple petals if you have bold nipples and need extra support in that area.

Spa bras and bralettes fall under the category of athletic leisure lingerie, or “leisuré.” These are fine for casual situations, but not for the office.

Take a lightweight t-shirt when you try on a bra to make sure the shape is right. Bra styles can get discontinued without notice. Get as many bras as you can afford if you find a style that is perfect for you.

You may discover you have more back fat and fullness under the arm as you age. Find a bra with higher sides to tuck that flesh. A professional bra fitter will push that flesh into place so it enhances the look in the front of the bra. You need a sturdy back strap to compress all that back bacon. Dense breasts need at least four hooks to hold them up.

Aging presents its own physical challenges, but you can camouflage things that you don’t like about your body. 

Listen as fashion consultant Lori Ann Robinson joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to talk bra options.


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Featured Speaker:
Lori Ann Robinson, Fashion Consultant
Lori Ann RobinsonLori Ann Robinson is a Los Angeles based Fashion Consultant, Speaker and former four-time Emmy nominated costume designer.  

Lori Ann's talents for style, keen sense of color and fashion have been the foundations of her successful career in fashion and has helped her become a leading expert in helping women and men find their best style, no matter what their body shape and age. 

Her fashion superpower is matching YOUR personality, lifestyle and body type with today’s current styles while solving the “I don’t know how to shop or what to buy or what to wear” are challenges everyone faces.

Clients who work with Lori Ann are looking for her help to dress for success in both their professional and personal lives! 

She has appeared on national television, most prominently on Good Morning America, The View and Pure Oxygen