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Feminine Hygiene: New Choices

Feminine Hygiene: New Choices
Over the course of your life, you’ll have about 500 periods. That’s a lot of feminine hygiene product consumption.

Feminine hygiene is a $5.9 billion industry in the United States and a $35 billion industry worldwide. There’s a lot of money to be had.

Consider the environmental impact of so many disposable products used over a lifetime.

Women want change. Modern women want to be empowered and environmentally conscious. They want to spend their money on other things than feminine hygiene products.

The days of belted maxi pads are long gone. Today’s woman wants something that makes menstruation less inconvenient.

Tampons and pads are still the primary mainstay. There are now organic, fragrance-free and dye-free options. They have less environmental impact and work well for women with sensitivities.

Menstrual cups are an environmentally and financially friendly option for the modern woman. The Diva Cup (and similar brands) is made of silicone and is placed in the vagina. The cup catches a good amount of menstrual fluid. It's removed from the vagina, emptied, cleaned and reinstalled. Shapes and brands vary. Find something that works best for your body.

Thinx underwear and other brands of menstrual underwear are very absorbent. They’re comfortable and washable. Perfect for women on-the-go, menstrual underwear are also made for women with a heavy flow who want a little extra protection or are athletic and don’t want to deal with tampons.

Women are told to keep the vulvar area clean and fresh, convinced by advertisers that they need fragrances and powders to give it a floral scent. This is a fallacy. The vagina is self-cleaning and rich in helpful bacteria. Douches, talc and fragrance-based products do not help your body stay clean.

Listen as Dr. Alyssa Dweck joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss the new options for feminine hygiene and more excellent tips for vaginal care.


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Featured Speaker:
Alyssa Dweck, MD
Dr. Alyssa DweckAlyssa Dweck is a gynecologist in New York. She earned her BA from Barnard College, MS from Columbia University, and MD from Hahnemann University.  She trained at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia.

She is “Top Doctor” in New York Magazine, proficient in robotic surgery and has expertise in female sexual health. Her academic appointments include Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Dweck is co-author of three books; V is for Vagina, The Sexual Spark and the upcoming The Complete A to Z of the V.

She is on the advisory board for Family Circle Magazine and has appeared on The Today Show and contributes regularly to various media outlets. Dr. Dweck is an accomplished triathlete.

She lives in New York with her husband and two sons.