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Swimming to Sobriety

Swimming to Sobriety
When life slams you with interesting challenges, you have options. Self-medicating doesn’t remedy extreme disappointment.

It’s especially tricky to select a healthier option when you have a familial history of alcoholism.

You can take control and end the alcoholic cycle.

Tips For Recovery

  • Focus on what you have to do. No distractions. 
  • Keep beating your enemies. Embrace the competitive spirit against alcohol.
  • Stay aware of your thoughts. Celebration and depression or anxiety can prompt the alcohol craving.
Listen to the inspiring story of Nancy Stearns Bercaw as she shares her tale of recovery with Dr. Pamela Peeke.


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Featured Speaker:
Nancy Stearns Bercaw, Author
Nancy Stearns BercawNancy Stearns Bercaw has written for publications around the world, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Korea Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution,, U.S. News & World Report, and Abu Dhabi's Tempo Magazine. She is the author of Brain in a Jar: A Daughter’s Journey through Her Father’s Memory.

In 2009, Nancy was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at the University of South Florida where she swam on scholarship from 1982-1986 and was a 17-time All-American, National Champion and Olympic Trials qualifier. She has coached swimming at James Madison University, New York University, Stevens Tech, and the University of Vermont.

Nancy is currently a communications specialist with the Vermont Center on Behavior and Health at UVM’s Larner College of Medicine.