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Stay Safe: Fight Back Like a Girl

Stay Safe: Fight Back Like a Girl
You need to empower yourself to stay safe. Self-defense training is important, but you want to use defensive tactics as a last resort.

Soft Targets vs. Hard Targets

Targets are selected by stride, gait and posture. A soft target is more likely to attract predators. A hard target discourages predators. Size and shape do not matter. Confidence and awareness reduce your likelihood of being targeted.

You can never rely on someone coming to your aid. Making yourself a hard target will deter predators. They want to gain compliance quickly before someone comes to your aid.

Your visual and auditory senses catch threats. Wearing earbuds puts you at a disadvantage unless you’re in a catcall zone. If you use your earbuds for outdoor workouts, consider working out with a group of women or jogging with your dog.

Fighting Back

It’s important to fight back effectively. Most self-defense programs teach women how to fight like men. Men tend to trade licks; a punch to the face returns a punch to the face. Women need to fight like they’re women, using their stronger muscles on men’s softer areas. Sexual assaults involve a grab-and-removal from the area or being pushed to the ground.

Listen as law enforcement expert Steve Kardian joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share some tips on how to keep yourself safe from predators.


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Featured Speaker:
Steve Kardian, Self Defense & Criminal Expert
Steve KardianSteve Kardian is a self-defense and criminal expert who regularly appears on television and in print, including Inside Edition, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends, CNN, HLN, the Today Show and Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Journal.  

Through his organization Defend University he has taught over 200,000 women practical self-defense techniques and strategies. He believes that every woman is capable of learning how to decrease the chances that she will be seen as an easy target, and increase the chances of effectively protecting herself.