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Marital Aids: What Women Want

Marital Aids: What Women Want
Women don’t always have as much sexual pleasure in their lives as men do. This is known as the pleasure gap.

Marital aids can help bridge this pleasure gap. 

The founders of Dame Products used scientific studies and an understanding of human sexuality to develop products that can bring female orgasm up to speed in partner intercourse. These devices are designed for partner use so one partner doesn’t feel replaced while increasing stimulation. In fact, 45% of Dame Products buyers are men. Since the products are designed for couples, most buyers are over 35.

There’s no need for a social stigma in buying marital aids. The goal is mutual pleasure and there is no shame in having enhanced intimacy. A marital aid should bring you and your partner closer.

It’s best to speak with your partner about what marital aid may best make your union more pleasurable for both of you.

Listen as Dame Products co-founder Alexandra Fine joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how marital aids can improve your relationship in the bedroom.


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Featured Speaker:
Alexandra Fine, Co-Founder of Dame Products
Alex FineAlexandra Fine has had a lifelong fascination with human sexuality. After earning her MA in Clinical Psychology she decided she wanted to take a more tactical approach to helping women everywhere achieve optimal sexual + self-pleasure. Enter Dame Products, which Alex founded that makes toys for sex and aims to close the pleasure gap in the process. 

Dame has run two of the most successful sex toy crowdfunding campaigns bringing a total of over $900K between the two.