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Post-Breakup Makeover

Post-Breakup Makeover
How many magazine covers have you seen when celebrities divorce? The woman always seems to have a new look to match her new relationship status. 

Life changes can inspire a makeover or fashion overhaul. How do you engineer this new look?

First, look at how you want to be perceived in your new life. This applies to relationships, jobs and relocations. You may choose to express the real you. Reflect on your personal branding before making any drastic changes.

Second, take small steps to change your look. Go at your own pace. What resonates with you and is comfortable for you? Gradual changes are more sustainable than a rapid revamp.

Finally, make sure the changes you make increase your confidence. Don’t change your wardrobe to something that makes you embarrassed. Emphasize your positive physical traits. No more self loathing.

Small Steps to Change

  • Find the colors that work best for you.
  • Determine what you really like about yourself that you want to feature.
  • Look through your wardrobe and ditch what you no longer wear. Goodbye to the fat clothes and so long to your jeans from 20 years ago.
Listen as Lori Ann Robinson joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share how your look can enhance your major life changes.


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Featured Speaker:
Lori Ann Robinson, Fashion Consultant
Lori Ann RobinsonLori Ann Robinson is a Los Angeles based Fashion Consultant, Speaker and former four-time Emmy nominated costume designer.  

Lori Ann's talents for style, keen sense of color and fashion have been the foundations of her successful career in fashion and has helped her become a leading expert in helping women and men find their best style, no matter what their body shape and age. 

Her fashion superpower is matching YOUR personality, lifestyle and body type with today’s current styles while solving the “I don’t know how to shop or what to buy or what to wear” are challenges everyone faces.

Clients who work with Lori Ann are looking for her help to dress for success in both their professional and personal lives! 

She has appeared on national television, most prominently on Good Morning America, The View and Pure Oxygen