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Let's Get Cliterate

Let's Get Cliterate
Difficulty orgasming in partnered sex? It’s not you— it’s a lack of understanding about how the clitoris works.

There is a cultural myth that women should orgasm through penetration alone. In fact, women more reliably reach climax through self-stimulation than through partnered sex.

Instead of getting to know the clitoris and how it works, many are trying to get sexual education from porn. Porn is not sex ed. It’s wiser to spend some time discovering what feels pleasurable to oneself and try to communicate that to a partner. Letting your male partner know what you like provides welcome direction.

Listen as Dr. Laurie Mintz joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss the importance of getting to know the clitoris and pushing for orgasm equality.


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Featured Speaker:
Laurie Mintz, PhD
Laurie MintzDr. Laurie Mintz is a feminist authortherapistprofessor, and speaker. As a tenured Professor at the University of Florida, she teaches the Psychology of Human Sexuality to hundreds of undergraduate students each year. Dr. Mintz has published over 50 research articles in academic journals and seven chapters in academic books. She has received numerous professional and teaching awards. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, indicating that her work has had a positive national influence on the field of psychology.

She is the author of two popular press books—both written with the aim of empowering women sexually: Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get it (HarperOne, 2017) and A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex: Reclaim Your Desire and Reignite Your Relationship (Adams Media, 2009). With this same goal of providing scientifically-accurate, sex-positive information to enhance female pleasure, Dr. Mintz also gives presentations and workshops to professionals and lay audiences and is often quoted in national and international media.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mintz has also maintained a small private practice, working with both individuals and couples on general and sexual issues. One of her greatest honors is supporting her clients during difficult times, as well as helping them make positive changes and reach life goals.