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The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office

The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office
Women are underrepresented in politics. Even if your desire is not to run for office, politics and campaigns play a role in regular living.

One unique challenge women face in politics is fundraising. This space has been exclusive to men for a long time. Campaigns cost money. You don’t have to have personal wealth to run for office. Use your networks to help raise money, even if they aren’t what your male counterpart might tap.

You don’t have to check the boxes of your predecessors to run for office, but you do have to be passionate about your community. Your experience benefits you.

Listen as Kate Black joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss some tips for women who need to campaign and want to play the political game.


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Featured Speaker:
Kate Black, Policy Advisor
Kate BlackKate Black is currently a policy advisor in the federal government and was formerly the Chief of Staff and Vice President of Research at EMILY’s List, the largest resource for women in politics.

She served as Executive Director of American Women, a nonpartisan research organization working to uplift the voices of women and the issues they care about. She has helped elect female candidates up and down the ballot and across the country.

She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and son.