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Put Yourself First: Making Time for Your Health

Put Yourself First: Making Time for Your Health
Women are typically the caregivers in the household. They don’t tend to think of themselves, putting themselves last.

To be your best self, you need to take care of yourself first. Take time for you. If you take a little time every day, that helps it become a habit. Even five minutes of personal time can make a difference.

You may feel guilty when you start taking time for yourself. Keep taking that time for yourself and you can better appreciate other aspects of your life. Those peaceful times can fuel you.

Your family will get used to your quiet time.

Listen as Alison Brown joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss how to take some down time and start to put yourself first.
Featured Speaker:
Alison Brown, Author
alisonbrownAlison Brown is a 20-year award winning fitness and nutrition expert, founder of The Switch Project, Co-Owner of New U Personal Training Studio and best-selling author. Alison wrote Making the Switch, an international best-selling book in seven countries and in several categories including Parenting and Nutrition.

Her passion to transform bodies from the inside out far exceeds fitness and food. She marries these with self-love and mindfulness to help her clients become healthy on the inside. Her mission and life's joy is to help everyone she works with live their best life in their best body.

Alison resides in Listowel, Ontario with her husband and three children.