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This is Your COVID-19 Survival Guide

This is Your COVID-19 Survival Guide

There is so much differing information out there about COVID-19 - but do you have your notebook out? Because we have a comprehensive survival guide for you this episode.

Dr. Ronesh Sinha is the author of that guide and joins Dr. Pam to talk about optimizing health in a pandemic, the future of health, and life post COVID-19. 

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Dr. Ronesh Sinha

Dr. Ronesh Sinha, an internal medicine physician in Silicon Valley for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and author of The South Asian Health Solution, designs successful health education and wellness programs for major Silicon Valley companies. He blogs actively on health at, where he has developed a Covid-19 resource page and free e-book (The Covid-19 Survival Guide) providing lifestyle strategies tailored to help individuals reduce their risk of developing a serious Covid-19 infection. Dr. Sinha's groundbreaking work in reversing diabetes in culturally diverse populations has received global attention with front cover stories in Fortune Magazine and the LA Times, and earned him the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Excellence in Healthcare award.  He is passionate about developing innovative, culturally tailored solutions to help diverse populations lead healthier lives.

Instagram: @roneshsinhamd