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Want to Get Stronger at Any Age? Try the Kettlebell!

Want to Get Stronger at Any Age? Try the Kettlebell!
Brittany van Schravendijk created KB Fit Britt as a resource to demystify kettlebells and make lifting kettlebells approachable for everyone.
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Brittany van Schravendijk
Brittany discovered Kettlebell Sport in 2011 and has since obtained 7 Master of Sport titles and won a World Championships. Brittany set numerous World and National records from 2012-2016. She uses her expertise in kettlebells and handstands to teach workshops and train clients all over the world.

In addition to competing in dozens of Kettlebell Sport competitions nationally and internationally, Britt has become known for her handstand skills. She has been standing on her hands regularly since 2015, having learned through a combination of self-discovery and expert handstand coaches.

Britt’s approach to health and fitness continues to evolve as she learns more and expands her repertoire. Her experience with overtraining and burning herself out has shown her the importance of finding a way to move that is sustainable as well as gentle and loving towards the body. Her training and coaching focuses on achieving a state of total body wellness, rather than competing or achieving fancy skills.