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Naturally Savvy: 2014 at a Glance

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: From the health benefits of coconut oil and DIY facial ideas from supermodel Carol Alt, to the importance of going non-GMO, Naturally Savvy had a very busy year.
Air Date: 12/17/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Naturally Savvy: 2014 at a Glance
From the health benefits of coconut oil and DIY facial ideas from supermodel Carol Alt, to the importance of going non-GMO, Naturally Savvy had a very busy year.

One of the biggest reasons hosts Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis like to do the show is because they learn so much along the way and are able to pass that information onto you, the listeners. Both women are so immersed in health information each and every day, but there is still so much to learn and share.

A huge change in Lisa's life over the past year came about because she changed her diet to a Paleo way of eating. She's the first to admit that she's not perfect when it comes to Paleo (she still likes her sugar), but it's resulted in some very positive and significant health changes in her life.

Whether the guests on Naturally Savvy talked about Paleo, vegetarianism, veganism, or gluten-free, the most important element of any of those eating patterns is making sure your food is clean, wholesome and non-GMO, and that you try to eat organic as much as you can.

Reading labels becomes a huge part of that -- making sure you're avoiding those nasty artificial ingredients and colors.

As Andrea says, you have such control over what you put on and into your body, and you also have the power (oftentimes with your wallet) to say yes or no to certain products.

What about your mental health? What have been some of the highlights over the past year when it comes to taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally?

Frequent guest and life coach, Cornell Thomas, has been a huge benefactor of information in terms of keeping a positive attitude, believing in yourself and accomplishing your goals. Other guests discussed the benefits of EFT and stressed that your emotional health is the key to your physical health.

Of course, a huge problem in society today is depression and anxiety. Guests like Melody Moezzi brought the tragedy of depression and suicide to the forefront.

Naturally Savvy was also so thrilled to bring on some celebrity guests like Alan Arkin, Kelly Le Brock, Carol Alt, Ed Bagely, Jr., Jennifer Esposito and Suzanne Somers. One of the most interesting thing about these guests is that they are just as passionate about health and wellness as folks like Andrea and Lisa, and they make health the highest of priorities.

When it comes to healthy GREEN living, Naturally Savvy couldn't have asked for any better guests than returning experts Ron and Lisa Beres. From "The ABCs of Plastics" to the importance of water filters and air purifiers, Ron and Lisa really brought to light the health detriments of toxins and environmental pollutants.

Those toxins can also be hiding in your favorite beauty and skincare products, which beauty expert David Pollock highlighted in his many interviews.

And, of course, who could forget recurring guest and fan favorite, Dr. Ginger... who truly educated listeners on raw and vegan nutrition, and how it not only improves your health on the inside, but also your health on the outside.

You can access any of these segments on the Naturally Savvy show page, right here on RadioMD.com.