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Cracking the "Bikini Code"

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Find out how one doctor cracked the "bikini code" and lost over 100 pounds.
Air Date: 6/5/15
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Kyrin Dunston, MD
KD headshot purple shirt white backgroundDr. Kyrin Dunston is a Board Certified physician specializing in Functional Medicine. She formerly practiced Obstetrics & Gynecology and healed her body with Functional Medicine and now is passionate about utilizing this cutting edge care to help others heal their bodies at the causative level. Originally from New York City, she attended Bryn Mawr College and Jefferson Medical College in Pennsylvania and completed her residency training in OB/GYN at the Medical Center of Delaware in 1996. While practicing OB/GYN for 14 years in Savannah, GA, she was the Medical Director of Womancare Clinical Studies Group and the Primary Investigator on over 20 pharmaceutical trials, the medical director for Womancare OB/GYN, a large single specialty group and on the Merck Speakers Bureau.

Dr. Dunston became very unhealthy, ultimately weighing 243 pounds, and suffered with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, hair loss and myriad other life interfering symptoms. Traditional medicine offered no answers or solutions. Ultimately, a patient gave her one of Suzanne Somers' books and she learned about Functional Medicine. Optimum health returned as she used the specialized testing and natural treatments of this progressive and effective type of medical care to regain her health and her life.

Dr. Dunston completed the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine in 2012. She retired from OB/GYN in 2011 and founded DrKyrin.com; a practice dedicated solely to assisting people achieve health and optimal wellness with Functional Medicine, and authored a book, Cracking the Bikini Code, that details her journey and explains the six key ingredients in any successful weight loss program. A certified Life Mastery Coach with Life SOULutions and creator of an innovative program that focuses on the spiritual aspects of weight loss, Dr. Dunston believes that spiritual tools are essential to obtaining and maintaining optimum health. She enjoys teaching and has spoken for the Age Management Medicine Group.

Cracking the "Bikini Code"
Board certified physician, Dr. Kyrin Dunston, shares her personal story about how she healed her health and lost over 100 pounds with functional medicine.

She joins the Wellness for Life Radio Show to discuss her latest book, Cracking the Bikini Code, and how cleansing, toxins, hormones, and more all contribute to your weight and overall health.

RadioMD PresentsWellness for Life Radio | Original Air Date: June 5, 2015
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest: Kyrin Dunston

It’s time to feel better with help from Dr. Susanne Bennett. Allergies, nutrition, ultimate wellness all discussed right here, right now. It’s Wellness For Life radio on RadioMD. Here’s your host, Dr. Susanne.

DR. SUSANNE: My next guest is a board certified physician and is here to share with you her personal story. How she lost 100 pounds of weight and how she healed her body with functional medicine and that she actually cracked the bikini code. Welcome to the show, Dr. Kyrin Dunston.

DR. KYRIN: Thank you, Susanne. I’m so happy to be here.

DR. SUSANNE: Absolutely. So, can you share with us your personal story? I mean, 100 pounds and overcoming some of these amazing health issues that you had. Please tell us.

DR. KYRIN: Sure. I was an OB/GYN. I was very successful. I had a huge practice and from the outside probably looked like I had everything. I was in a gated community, had the house, the two cars and kids and was married. The only problem was I weighed 243 pounds. Despite all my success and despite that fact that I was board certified, everything that I did to try to figure out what the problem was and fix it did not work. I suffered with chronic fatigue, slept a lot; I had fibromyalgia pain all over my body. I had depression. My hair was falling out. It wasn’t just the weight, but it was all of these other symptoms, including fatigue. I really could not get anywhere, nor could my doctor. She would run tests and they would all come back normal. This went on for quite a long time and I had just resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be overweight and tired and in pain for the rest of my life. And then one of my patients, I call her my angel, gave me a book. The book was by Suzanne Somers. She said, “You need to read this book, Dr. Dunston. It’s going to help you. It has really helped me.” I said thank you and I took it home and I told my husband, “I’m not reading that book. It’s by Suzanne Somers, Chrissie on Three’s Company. What am I going to learn from her?” I didn’t read it for the longest time. Finally one day, I was going to be in bed on a Saturday all day anyway so I said let me pick it up and read it. So I did. Susanne, it was so well written and it wasn’t her opinion, it was her interviewing prominent scientists and doctors in this field I had never heard of called functional medicine. When I read it, I knew it was the truth. We all have a truth meter, right? We know when our friend brings that guy home, we know the first time we meet him he’s bad news. We know truth when we see it, or hear it, or feel it. As I read I realized that a lot of what I knew as a board certified physician was wrong and that there was this whole other field of medicine that used special tests that regular doctors didn’t use to get at imbalances in the body that were the underlying causes of the symptoms I was having. By the time I finished that book – and I read it all in that one day – I started reading it like it was the DaVinci Code, just turning the pages, I had something I hadn’t had in a long time. And that was hope. I had the hope that I could change and actually heal myself and be better. So, I made a decision that day to learn as much as I could about functional medicine and to use it on myself to see if it really worked. I always have to be the guinea pig. That is just what I did. So, I started doing the courses and learning the tests. Doing the tests on myself, I uncovered hormonal imbalances I had that I had no idea about. Toxicities, nutritional deficiencies, all kinds of things. Little by little – it took about two years – I lost 100 pounds and got my energy back, I looked probably 10 or 20 years younger. People would pass me in the mall and would walk right by me. They didn’t even know it was me. So, I really got my life back.

DR. SUSANNE: You know what I love about what you did and your experience – you were your own test case of the medicine that you chose to learn about and I’m sure you use that with your patients now. More importantly, you did it in a manner where you did it slowly. You didn’t do any crash diets. That means if you lost 100 pounds in two years, that’s just about a pound a week which is phenomenal. You did it at a rate that was consistent and constantly doing it little by little and you didn’t get discouraged. You used that hope, and I think that’s why you wrote this book, Cracking The Bikini Code: Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss Success. Right?

DR. KYRIN: Yes, after I learned -- and it probably took me two years because I was learning as I was doing. So, if I had had all the tools up front it wouldn’t have taken me that long. What I did was, I distilled down all the things that I learned into a program for my patients. Because, of course, they saw me go through this huge transformation and they wanted it, too. They started asking, “What are you doing? We want that. We want hormone testing. We want toxicity evaluation.” So, I started doing it with them and I developed a program that incorporated all the tools that I had learned about. People can do the weight loss and regain their energy in a much shorter period of time and that is what I kind of memorialized in the book.

DR. SUSANNE: What I see is that in your book you literally, the bikini code is a cute name, I love it because it is all about you getting into that bikini that you love. But bikini code actually stands for – it’s an acronym, right? Bikini code.

DR. KYRIN: Yes, it is. Each letter in bikini has to do with one of the six keys. For instance, the B is be honest. Getting healthy starts with being honest. What I find so often with people, especially when I practiced mainstream medicine is, they are so used to physicians not really addressing their core concerns and issues. Such as, “I’m tired. I can’t sleep.” They are used to being told, “Oh, it’s just because you are older. You are at that age. Your sex drive is going to go away.” I find that people really start not even being honest with their doctor, let alone themselves. They just rationalize and say, “Oh, this is normal.” Part of getting healthy is starting with being honest. I give a checklist in the book where people check all their symptoms that they’re having and it tells them what category those symptoms may fall under, indicating a problem. For instance, thyroid or gut issues. You can’t heal unless you get real. I like them to become honest. Because it’s only if I really know all of the myriad issues that you are having and in all their detail that I really can figure out and drill down into what is going on with you personally. Trust me, though, getting tired in the afternoon, difficulty sleeping, decreased sex drive, these are not normal, folks. These are not normal things of aging. There is no reason that at 50 or 60 or even 70 you can’t have the same energy, vitality, sex drive, sleep that you had when you were 20.

DR. SUSANNE: We all want to age gracefully and feel just as good as we did in our 20’s and our 30’s. As an OB/GYN, I’m assuming that you’ve changed your practice, right?

DR. KYRIN: Yes, actually I retired from OB/GYN in 2011. The results that I got with this with my patients, when I started doing it with them. I started my journey in 2008 and as I transformed, I started working with patients in my OB/GYN practice. The results were tremendous. I have delivered thousands of babies. I have done lots of surgeries. I have probably helped a lot of women. However, nothing has been more gratifying to me than to help a woman, or even men, who have lost their way in terms of their health, who have lost their lives. Because people know this -- that their health impacts the quality of their life. By helping bring a person back to life who really had lost themselves was my passion so I retired from that and I have done functional medicine full time since 2011.

DR. SUSANNE: It’s such a great inspirational story. But also, you are now helping thousands of people help themselves through this bikini code program. Alright. Gosh, thanks so much for sharing your personal story, Dr. Dunston. Everyone, go ahead Crack The Bikini Code: Six Secrets to Permanent Health, Permanent Weight Loss Success.

Alright. We’ll see you next time. This is Dr. Susanne, sharing natural strategies for ultimate health and wellness right here on RadioMD. Remember you can go to my Wellness For Life radio page on RadioMD for more information and you can go to TrueBalanceMD.com for her website. Until next time. Stay well.