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How Health & Wellness Relates to Success

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Happy people are healthier. And, happier and healthier people are typically more successful.
Air Date: 9/16/15
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Anthony Zolezzi, Author
Anthony-ZolezziAnthony Zolezzi is a serial entrepreneur who plays a leading role in advising corporations on ways to innovate with their existing strengths given the expectations of today’s socially conscious culture, while increasing profitability and uncovering new innovations. His work has resulted in numerous entrepreneurial companies and product developments focused on sustainability and health. Zolezzi is a co-founder and former board chairman of The Organic Center for Education and Promotion and former board member of Vitamin Angels, helping both nonprofit organizations raise record amounts of millions of dollars during his board terms. He has written six books including, Uncharted Waters (2010), Do Something: Leave Your Mark on the World (2008), The Detachment Paradox (2004) and Chemical-Free Kids: How to Safeguard Your Child’s Diet and Environment (2003).
  • Book Title: Uncharted Waters
  • Guest Twitter Account: @AnthonyZolezzi
How Health & Wellness Relates to Success
Happy people are healthier. And, happier and healthier people are typically more successful.

It's a concept and philosophy that Anthony Zolezzi, author and serial entrepreneur, describes as "Chop Wood, Carry Water."

What are some things you can do to embrace this philosophy and become a happier, healthier, more successful person?

Be Purposeful: Have a personal goal and a heartfelt reason for accomplishing it. Find what your soul wants to do, or what you think you want to do, and start chopping wood tomorrow and see where it takes you. Be prepared that you will be uncomfortable, but start building that woodpile. No matter if it is absolutely right or not, just start and write the goal or accomplishment down on a piece of paper or in your digital notes and start chopping. Don't question, just go with where it takes you, and enjoy the process.

Make sure you are mindful about "carrying water" and doing something for someone else. Be mindful that every day you are going to help someone in some way. It could be as simple as helping out a local food bank or animal shelter, or visiting your local elderly home.

Be mindful of what you eat since you will need stamina. The energy it takes to chop wood every day requires a clean diet of whole nutritious foods heavy in vegetables and clean proteins like grass-fed beef, grass-fed milk or goat milk products. Vegetables should be abundant in every meal. And, whenever possible, always eat organic, because the pesticides in the food will slow you down. Your body requires extra energy to fight off toxins and pesticides.

Remember that daily exercise is crucial. Needless to say, you are going to have to be in good shape to chop wood every day, so proper stretching and exercise is a must. These exercises can be random; in fact, it’s actually better if they are. Try not to get in the trap of doing the same routine every day. Mix it up with some yoga, some stretching or some weight training.

Get enough rest. The other most under-utilized key to giving you the energy to chop wood is rest, sleep and restoration. Sleep is so important, as it is the time when all the cells of the body are healing and recharging. Make it a goal to get at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Be proud of YOU. Do you know how awesome you are for taking this challenge on and chopping wood and carrying water?

Smile. Do this always, and to everyone, because you are changing the world.

Tune in as Anthony joins host Lisa Davis to share more about his concept of chopping wood and carrying water, as well as why health and happiness is so closely linked to success.