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How to Cheat on Your Diet & Still Lose Weight

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: With the holidays coming up, you might fall into the habit of too many "cheat days."
Air Date: 11/20/15
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Lisa Lynn, Author & Founder of LynFit
Lisa-LynnFor nearly 30 years, Lisa Lynn has devoted her career to personal training, specializing in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition. She is best known for her 13 years as Martha Stewart's personal trainer who has said, "Lisa is the only trainer that made a difference."

Coupled with her vast experience in the field of fitness and nutrition she has earned four educational certificates from the International Sports and Sciences Association's Professional Division including: Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Fitness Therapy and Elite Trainer.

Lisa's years of research in metabolic boosting and performance nutrition resulted in the development of her Leaner Lifestyle Series, specifically designed to promote healthy fat loss by boosting the most sluggish and stubborn metabolisms. Lisa is also a regular go-to nutrition and fitness expert on The Dr. Oz Show, appearing in two of his highest-rated episodes. Major media outlets frequently call upon her for her expertise in fitness and nutrition. Lisa maintains a diverse portfolio of clientele including professional bodybuilders, models, actors, CEOs and real-world people throughout the country.

In addition to The Dr. Oz Show, Lisa is a regular guest as nutrition and fitness expert on The Martha Stewart Show, FOX News, News 8 Connecticut and Sirius Radio where she has inspired and equipped millions of viewers to lose weight and maintain their results through healthier lifestyles.

Lisa has also been prominently featured as an expert in the following publications: Dr. Oz Blog, Martha Stewart Living, Share Care, Iron Man, Fitness Magazine, Muscle Magazine, Muscle Media, Physique Forum, Performance Press and American Health. Lisa is a recognized best-selling author, publishing The Metabolism Solution in 2014, a comprehensive book that takes the reader on a step-by-step journey to a new, Leaner Lifestyle. This book teaches how to safely boost your metabolism while allowing you to lose weight.

In 2015, she authored her first illustrated children's book, The I Love My Body Book, addressing all of the issues kids face (adults too). This book is a must have for every household who wants to be physically and emotionally healthy. Parents say they love this book to as it makes these principals easy to do.

Her most recent book, Win the Fight: Stomp Out Melanoma, was co-authored with Dr. Deepak Narayan. It is an all-encompassing book that covers everything from melanoma skin cancer risk factors and diagnosis procedures to living well after treatment.

Raised in a household lacking healthy nutrition or lifestyles choices, Lisa struggled as a child with her weight and a lack of support. As a teen, she persevered to lose 40 pounds and has kept it off despite an under-active thyroid.

Lisa’s work with body-building and fitness experts, including Dr. Fred Hatfield, helped her understand how specific combinations of nutrition and exercise can help others achieve the look they want—from simply slimming down, to gaining lean, ripped muscle. Lisa makes a unique personal connection with her clients and addresses a broad range of health and wellness needs. She is inspired to help people achieve optimal health with lifestyle solutions that are effective in the real world.

Lisa lives in the greater NYC area. She owns and operates a performance training and nutrition facility where she practices her passion for personal training and consultation. When she's not on set for TV, she can be found coaching her clients or spending time with her family. She enjoys supporting charitable activities including Education and Hope, which brings education to impoverished children and young adults in the western highlands of Guatemala; Hope Foundation which creates sustainable educational systems and Young Life, a global organization that provides adolescents with caring adult mentors.
  • Book Title: The Metabolism Solution
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/LisaLynnFitness
  • Guest Twitter Account: @LisaLynnFitness
How to Cheat on Your Diet & Still Lose Weight
The holiday season is in full swing.

Parties, events, and family get-togethers may have you falling into the habit of too many "cheat days."

Don't beat yourself up too much. In fact, Lisa Lynn, author of The Metabolism Solution and founder of LynFit.com, says you can cheat on your diet and still lose weight.

How is that possible?

If you eat the right foods for your body 80 percent of the time, the other 20 percent of the time you can "fall off the wagon."

Lisa joins Dr. Susanne to explain her three-step process to turbo-charge fat loss and boost your metabolism, as well as what it means to eat thermogenic foods.

Step 1: Perform a "metabolic” workout on an empty stomach.

This helps lower blood sugar levels and sets up the right environment by boosting metabolism, which is best for fat burning vs. storing (you burn off the cheat eats versus storing them). You’ll see results the same week you start these types of workouts, and the scale will show you proof of weight loss right away.

Step 2: Boost your metabolism 25% the morning of and the morning after with a "metabolic boosting” protein shake.

This tricks your body into thinking it had a big meal and revs up your metabolism, which means you'll burn more calories all day and night.

Note: not all shakes are meant for metabolic boosting. Look for pure whey that has no carbs, sugar or lactose, and do not add fruit or milk of any kind.

Step 3: Snack lean (or not at all) to prevent hunger before the big cheat day.

Grab a green apple or a protein shake before the cheat meal to help prevent hunger and to lower blood sugar levels, which, again, is the secret for weight loss. Studies have shown that doing this actually helps you lose weight because your metabolism is revved up and you’re less hungry, so your self-control is greater.

What NOT TO DO: you don't want to snack on almonds that contain fat if you’re eating excess fat... because excess gets stored.