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Healing Your Soul via Courage, Hope & the Power of the Mind

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Dr. Bhupendra O. Khatri fears the essential doctor-patient relationship is in peril of being destroyed.
Air Date: 1/27/16
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Bhupendra Odhavji Khatri, MD
Bhupendra-KhatriBhupendra Odhavji Khatri, MD, is the founding medical director of one of the largest Multiple Sclerosis centers in the USA, caring for over 4,000 patients. Dr. Khatri earned his medical degree from Grant Medical College in Mumbai India, completed his residency in neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin where he continued as an associate professor of neurology until 1990 at which time he opened the Center for Neurological Disorders in Milwaukee. He is a pioneer in the field of therapeutic plasmapheresis and his research contributions and participation in clinical trials led to an effective plasmapheresis protocol therapy for Guillain Barre syndrome, Acute & Progressive form of MS, Neuro-Myelitis Optica (NMO) and removal of Tysabri from body in the event of Progressive Multifocal Leucoencephalopathy (PML).

Dr. Khatri is a principal investigator in numerous clinical trials, as well as an invited speaker at both national and international conferences. As an author/co-author, his work has been published in books, abstracts and medical journals. He has published over 65 papers in peer reviewed journals and contributed chapters to six books.

Dr. Khatri has another extremely rich part of his life, which is the creative soul in him. He has just finished authoring a book, which is to be released in December 2014. The title of the book is Healing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of Mind. This book is a moving and revealing testament to the power of the human mind and spirit in the face of life’s most difficult challenges. Within its pages are stories of courage, inexplicable medical miracles, and disappointing transactions with intractable insurance companies, ill-informed legislators, and new physicians guided more by technology than traditional medical practices.

His professional/medical bio does not reflect the true, genuine, empathic way in which Dr. Khatri interacts with his patients. He is unafraid to speak about the soul, and the journey of the soul, and ways in which authenticity can bring so much healing to a “Being” who is suffering. His patients adore him, and sense the genuine, attuned, humble Neurologist who speaks about spirituality with any of his patients who are comfortable in broaching the subject with him.

He is a sought after speaker who brings in mindfulness and the power of prayer in healing.
  • Book Title: Healing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of Mind
  • Guest Twitter Account: @healingthesoulbook
Healing Your Soul via Courage, Hope & the Power of the Mind
"Doctors today often depend more on computers than on their own instincts and experience in caring for patients. We are now pulled in so many different directions that it's no wonder the major complaint of patients is that their doctors do not spend enough time with them."

Those are the words prominent neurologist, Dr. Bhupendra O. Khatri, uses to describe practicing medicine in today's digital age... meaning that it is so highly regulated and changing that it adversely affects the patient-doctor relationship. In fact, he fears this essential relationship is in peril of being destroyed. 

In his newly published book, Healing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of the Mind, Dr. Khatri explores the power of the subconscious mind in healing. Stories of spirit, valor, and inexplicable medical miracles reflect his 30 years of practicing medicine and treating patients with complex neurological disorders such as MS.

Simultaneously, Dr. Khatri discusses the sobering challenges inherent in practicing medicine today. These include the influence of the healthcare industry, healthcare insurance, government regulations concerning pain treatment, an increasing reliance on electronic health records, and the rise in alternative medicine/options.

Encouraged by many colleagues, journalists, and patients to share his stories as well as his research into the many issues he raises, Healing the Soul sheds light on little-known contradictions in the U.S. healthcare system, while highlighting what Dr. Khatri calls "the incredible power of the subconscious to heal, postpone death, and deal with unspeakable circumstances."

He comments, "Healing the Soul is intended as a reminder that there is no substitute for observation, listening, and touching if you truly want to heal your patients' souls as well as their bodies."

Listen in as Dr. Khatri joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to discuss the importance of healing patients from all perspectives.