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Your Daughter’s First Bra

From the Show: Health Radio
Summary: Taking your daughter for her first bra can be a pleasant experience if you know how to shop for a developing young woman.
Air Date: 3/11/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Jenny Altman, Bra Expert
Jenny AltmanJenny Altman is an expert in intimates, hired regularly as a consultant and spokesperson by the industry’s top brands. With 15 years of experience as a fashion editor, Jenny has an innate knowledge of fit and trends, and understands what women want and need. Altman believes that intimates are truly the foundation of a confident look for all women.

In addition to editorial positions at WWD, Lucky and Marie Claire, Jenny spent the bulk of her career at O, The Oprah Magazine, where she helped style Oprah and contributed to the renowned “O List.” It was while working at O that Jenny learned how important it is for women to pay attention to their underpinnings, no matter their size and earned her nickname, “The Shapewear Queen.”  

During her time at these top publications, Jenny dressed models and celebrities for countless photo shoots, in addition to styling “real women” for makeover stories and television segments.

Over the years, Jenny became known as a Style and Fit Expert in the world of intimates, and has helped everyone from top fashion editors to celebrities to new moms, brides, and teenage girls find their perfect bra in the correct size. Altman has become a confidante to women across the country and regularly is the recipient of women’s most personal details and lingerie preferences.  

Prior to (and since) launching her intimates site, ILOVEAGOOD, Jenny has tried on hundreds of bras, pairs of underwear, bathing suits, hosiery, shapewear, and lingerie so that her readers don’t have to. She spent much time forming strong relationships with the top brands to gain an understanding of the technology and craftsmanship used to make their products special and brings this knowledge to women across the country via her site.

Brands including Wolford, Cosabella, Aerie, Bare Necessities, Spanx, Chantelle, and many other industry leaders have hired Altman to consult for them from the standpoint of fashion direction, fit, and public relations. She serves as a spokesperson for these brands, conducting interviews and appearing on television on their behalf.  

Jenny and her expertise have been featured by most top fashion publications and by television shows such as Good Morning America and Good Day New York. She is available for features, to give quotes, or conduct makeover and trend segments.
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @ILOVEAGOOD
Your Daughter’s First Bra
Puberty is an awkward time for every teenager.

Sorting out relationships with peers and adults is difficult enough. Throw in the ever-changing physical features and hormones, and you have a bundle of angst on your hands.

And now, you have to buy that pre-adult her first bra.

A girl’s first bra is important for her comfort and confidence as she develops, so her clothing presents flattering lines. It’s also a sign of maturity in her social group, even if she doesn’t seem to physically require support yet.

Taking your daughter for her first bra can be a pleasant experience if you know how to shop for a developing young woman. Be sure to leave the humor for other situations because this is a sensitive event.

Listen in as bra expert, Jenny Altman, discusses how to shop for your daughter's first bra.

Here's some expert advice direct from Jenny:

If your daughter is just starting to need her first bra for coverage or modesty, and doesn’t need a “support” bra, Yellowberry is the place. The founder of the company did not like what was on the market for her younger, pre-teen sister, so she took on the world by creating the perfect first bras for young girls. This website is as inspiring as the product is necessary.

Whether your daughter is looking for her first bra or is further along in development, Aerie is the most important intimates store for young women. The store looks and feels like a place your daughter would want to shop, and the sales girls (who are TOTALLY trained in bra fittings) may be close in age to your daughter. They will feel comfortable and in their element, making the whole situation so much more pleasant for all involved. The fitting is about finding a “size” but also a style, shape, level of support that each girl needs.
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