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Palm Oil: Myths vs. Facts

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Opponents of palm oil cite the travesty of deforestation, obliteration of endangered species, and an assault on indigenous people. Is that always the case?
Air Date: 10/4/16
Duration: 19:11
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Cygnia Rapp, Founder of MELT Organic
Cygnia-RappThey say necessity is the mother of invention. For Melt Organic's founder, Cygnia Rapp, it was being placed on a restrictive diet (no wheat, red meat, hard cheese, butter, peanut butter, and more) that severely limited her intake of fats and oils and quickly took the joy out of eating.

As a person who loves food and cooking, Cygnia decided to fight back. Working out of her kitchen, she set out to create organic alternatives that would not only meet her health requirements but also satisfy her taste buds. She tirelessly researched fats and oils, uncovering a wealth of little-known information about healthier fats and oils and their influence on health and well-being. What Cygnia “discovered” became the basis for founding Prosperity Organic Foods: Not all saturated fats were bad for her! Her body needs a combination of healthful saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats to maintain vitality.

After months of experimentation, Cygnia developed the recipe for MELT Organic based on two critical organic oils, virgin coconut oil and flaxseed oil, that supported her digestive wellness and overall health. For the first time, these two important oils are in a food product that is easy to love and a pleasure to eat.

Cygnia’s discovery literally changed her life. Convinced of the health benefits and the importance of offering the MELT Organic choice to others, Cygnia invested her life savings and founded Prosperity Organic Foods.

Now in her 40s, Cygnia is far healthier, fitter, and happier than she was at 30, enjoying an active lifestyle of Nordic skiing, mountain biking, and hiking in the mountains with her friends, family, and her Alaskan Malamute. She continues to pursue her passions for nutrition and creating great tasting, healthy organic foods. She especially loves hearing stories from customers who have discovered MELT Organic and love it as much as she does.
  • Guest Twitter Account: @meltorganic
Palm Oil: Myths vs. Facts
You may have heard about the controversy surrounding palm oil. 

Opponents cite the travesty of deforestation, the obliteration of endangered species, and an assault on indigenous people. Certainly these issues are legitimate in the conversation of global preservation and sustainability.

However, not all palm oil is harvested from regions that uphold these practices.

For example, the palm oil used in MELT Organic products is sourced from Columbia and is Rain Forest Alliance Certified. These plantations are found on pre-existing agricultural land, so the fallout from deforestation is a non-issue. The manufacturing plant the company uses has been Fair Trade USA certified. 

MELT has chosen to use palm oil in its products because of its health benefits. It's a perfect replacement for hydrogenated oils, which are high in trans fat. The oil provides an appealing texture and "mouth feel," and it has a high smoke point.

Cygnia Rapp, founder of MELT, joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to explain the controversy behind palm oil, as well as what her company is doing to promote Fair Trade practices around the globe.

She also discusses a new product containing a dormant probiotic strain that survives a long shelf-life, as well as the acidity of the human gastric system.