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How Interventions Impact Families

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: An intervention is a powerful tool that can save the life of someone battling an addiction. However, interventions can also be emotionally draining and taxing for the people involved.
Air Date: 8/28/17
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: Ken Seeley, Interventionist, CCMI-M, CTP-4, RAS, CATC, CIP
Ken-SeeleyKen Seeley has remained involved professionally and personally in recovery since 1989. He applies his experience and boundless enthusiasm to help transform the lives of those who suffer from the disease of addiction. Ken has changed the lives of thousands of people through his work performing interventions and working with families and has had the honor and privilege to educate millions of people through the television show Intervention on A&E.

Ken has been clean and sober since July 14, 1989, working full time in the recovery field since 2000. Today, Ken derives great personal satisfaction from the hundreds of interventions that he has conducted, organized, or facilitated through his company Intervention 911. Seeley’s best trait is his unique ability to work with the addicted individual and family to uncover what will motivate a person to choose recovery over the addiction. Supporting families in this process is his passion. By playing to the family strengths, he works with them to better understand how to enable long lasting recovery.

Understanding the family system’s role in recovery, Ken is often sought out to speak about addiction. Ken has been honored to speak before British Parliament about the importance of Intervention and “The 5 year Plan” for lasting recovery.

As a Certified Case Manager Interventionist, Ken conducts trainings for substance abuse workers to become certified intervention case management professionals. These dynamic programs train people who work in treatment centers, detox facilities and sober livings to perform interventions and work with the support system surrounding an addict or alcoholic. He has trained over 450 professionals in the US and Europe on intervention strategies and techniques for building lasting recovery. Working closely with The Joint Commission, Ken developed a national standard for case management and interventions, meeting the organization’s commitment to meet certain performance standards. His company Intervention911 became the first company in the country to become accredited for case management and intervention services. This opens the door for the ethical performance and standardization needed for insurance reimbursement of both the addict and the practitioner for these services.

Today one of the more exciting things Ken has been able to achieve is working with the auditing house PricewaterhouseCoopers to create an ethical business audit for treatment centers. Working with Independent Coalition of Treatment Providers audits are possible to show the public which treatment centers are up to ethical industry standards.
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How Interventions Impact Families
An intervention is a powerful tool that can save the life of someone battling an addiction.

However, interventions can also be emotionally draining and taxing for the people involved.

Family and friends are confronting not only a loved one, but also the painful realities of how addiction has affected their own lives.

Ken Seeley, an internationally known intervention expert, discusses what interventions can achieve and how they affect everyone involved.

Ken shares stories from his extensive experience and also helps us understand how families can work through the many emotions that may surface before, during, and after an intervention.