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Encore Episode: Bringing Our Spiritual Selves to Work

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Matt Gottesman shares how we can foster a spiritual practice that can enhance and guide our professional lives.
Air Date: 7/15/19
Duration: 27:04
Host: Erica Spiegelman
Guest Bio: Matt Gottesman
Forward thinking Internet media entrepreneur, influencer and businessman, Matt Gottesman, is redefining the media industry and what it means to provide purpose driven content.
He is the co-founder of a media company that has not one, but two rapidly growing online publications and brands (under the umbrella: Hustle & Deal Flow Magazine +, which are providing millions of entrepreneurs and creators daily with purpose driven and authentically curated content to motivate the experiential journey.

HDF documents those journeys, or the "hustle" of creators and entrepreneurs from around the world as they're building their company and not the end results of success. Through daily "perspectives that inspire," PRSUIT has created an impressive content platform featuring over 400 writers from around the world who are writing about their journeys to success. As of today, the publications reach over 400,000 Instagram followers daily, with 550,000 unique monthly visitors to their sites, 100K followers via Facebook and their email lists continue to see growth by about 3,500/week. They reach roughly 10.5M people per month.

In addition to the respective digital platforms, the media company houses the amply titled weekly podcast that chronicles the authenticity and vulnerability (and not the glamour) of the 'hustle' (the journey), "The Hustle Sold Separately." The show has racked up over 125 episodes and is recorded in their Scottsdale production studio. In the past year, the podcast was featured in FORBES and has since surpassed more than 1 million podcast downloads in just over a year and a half since launching.

Gottesman, along with his business partner, Case Kenny, have seamlessly carved a niche for themselves built on core values and personal passions, while they continue to purposefully and consistently lead a movement for the creators. Throughout the first year, "The Hustle Sold Separately" podcast has already featured incredible journeys of coveted entrepreneurs in pop culture, entertainment, tech, fashion, music and more including:

The Bella Twins – E! Channel’s – Total Bellas & WWE’s Total Divas
Amanda Taylor - Founder of DanceOn with Madonna
Alex Wilcox - Co-Founder of JetBlue
Clate Mask - Co-Founder & CEO of Infusionsoft
Sergey Petrossov - Founder of JetSmarter
Mister Cartoon - Pop Culture Icon
Jonas Koffler - Filmmaker & Co-Author of Hustle with Neil Patel
Christina Cindrich - 2x Emmy Award winning producer
Andrew Thomas - Co-Founder of SkyBell
Nicole Rocklin – Oscar for the movie Spotlight
Justin Garza – Grammy for a song with J.Balvin

On top of his impressive, swift and strategic rise in disrupting the Internet, is his mindfulness at the forefront of every move he makes. He only does things with deliberate intention that are attached to his greater vision of positively impacting people globally in all areas of their lives. He remains a tried-and-true seasoned and expert marketer, storyteller and “creative” with over 18 years experience in all things digital marketing, technology and startups.

Matt’s also a top international branding expert and has worked with companies such as Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, The World Trade Centers Association and more. He’s been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes, as well as a multitude of podcasts and other media outlets.

Today, Matt’s ventures have expanded. He’s created a mentorship group for over 725 global entrepreneurs and creators, whereby he educates them weekly on developing better brands and keeping a balance to their personal lives. He’s also co-founder in several other companies across the health and wellness space (brands upon request) and also finds time to partner with a variety of other companies to scale from $10M in annual revenue to $50M+.

Matt received his International MBA from Thunderbird, sits on the board of several tech companies and is also on the style council for Phoenix Fashion Week. As of recent, Matt has also been actively participating in the cryptocurrency markets as an investor and is venturing more into IoT (Internet of Things).

He speaks regularly on topics ranging from millennial culture and thought leadership, digital and social media strategies and lean startup principles to scaling businesses, content, influencer marketing and inspiration / motivation.
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @hdfmagazine
Encore Episode: Bringing Our Spiritual Selves to Work
How much do you incorporate your spiritual self into your professional life?

Many of us may consider those two parts of ourselves separate, but in truth, the more integrated we can be in how we present ourselves, the more successful and fulfilled we will be.

Matt Gottesman is a forward-thinking internet and media entrepreneur who has carved out a professional niche for himself built on core values and a personal passion to have a positive impact on the world.

He shares how we can foster a spiritual practice that can enhance and guide our professional lives.