The Power of Vitamin D

Air Date: 4/7/21
Duration: 25:00
The Power of Vitamin D

There have been over 34,000 scientific studies on the benefits of vitamin d3 over the past 15 years. This vitamin regulates over 2000 of our genes and at least 50% of the adult population is deficient in this key nutrient, as are 70% of children between the ages of 6 and 11, although it should be remembered that deficiency levels represent the minimum levels required to maintain good health, they are not optimal levels needed to prevent many chronic diseases. 

What is the appropriate level of vitamin d3? Some scientists suggest blood levels of 50-70ng/ml, while others recommend 50-90ng/ml are needed for the prevention of some chronic diseases such as cancer. It is very difficult to achieve this level with just diet and sunshine. A person would need to eat a nearly perfect diet and have sufficient sun exposure between 10 am and 3 pm in order to achieve these optimum levels. 

Most recent developments in the world of vitamin d show its effectiveness in the fight against Covid 19! 

In this episode, we hear about the many benefits of vitamin d, sunshine, different kinds of vitamin d, and ways to incorporate more of this wonder supplement into our lives!

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