The Need For More Self Care


Self-care is a journey that many of us will be on our entire lives. 

Air Date: 6/16/21
Duration: 28:31
The Need For More Self Care

Self-care is a journey that many of us will be on our entire lives. Dr. Bens says self-care can probably be best described as common-sense health care whereby people take more responsibility for their health with an emphasis on prevention.

Unfortunately, too many people pay very little attention to prevention, and they wait until a health problem of some kind occurs. This results in medical response and treatment of some kind by our conventional health care system. Besides being very expensive, this treatment-based health approach represents the number one threat to
the health of our country.

Self-care can be defined in many ways, and we should carefully consider its many variations be in order to optimize the opportunity for illness prevention and cost

Today we'll discuss the different levels of self-care, figuring out what self-care means to you and your health, teaching Millenials, and changing the narrative around sick care and preventative care. 

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