Improving Your Vision Is Possible

Summary: On today’s episode, we discuss the many vision problems we encounter as we age.
Air Date: 9/14/22
Duration: 10 Minutes

In today’s episode, we discuss the many vision problems we encounter as we age. However, do we need to just accept that our vision will deteriorate as we get older? Getting prescription eyewear is so commonplace that no one even thinks about the nutritional deficiencies involved. Today, we tackle this question and talk through some natural ways that one can help to protect and improve their vision.

Specific foods such as carrots, kale, nuts, & seeds can help to provide your body with the carotenoids and other nutrients it needs for healthy eyes. We review many different supplements that you can begin adding to your daily pill packs such as lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc with copper, bilberry, omega 3, and vitamin D, just to name a few.

Many doctors will prescribe a certain medication focusing primarily on a specific health issue; however, this often results in side effects that then need to be treated and managed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add a food or supplement that would not only help improve the health issue at hand but simultaneously benefit other parts of your body as well? We explore two supplements that will not only benefit the eyes but will also improve and positively affect many other parts of your body.

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