Your Child & The ER: What To Know Before You Go

From the Show: Healthy Children
Summary: Don't let paperwork hassles add painful complications to an already emotional situation.
Air Date: 10/17/12
Duration: 10 Minutes
Host: Melanie Cole, MS.
Guest Bio: Dr. Deborah Ann Mulligan, MD
Deborah Mulligan resizedDeborah Ann Mulligan, MD FAAP FACEP is the Director of the Institute for Child Health Policy and a Professor ofPediatrics at the Institute for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness at Nova Southeastern University. She is also the Chair, American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Communications and Media

    Your Child & The ER: What To Know Before You Go
    Most parents are not prepared if they have to take their child to the hospital in an emergency. Don't let unnecessary paperwork hassles complicate an already tense emotional situation. Some simple planning ahead for a crisis can help ensure that the care your child receives will be the best it can be. 

    Emergency Room physician, Dr. Deborah Mulligan, shares insightful information from an insider, and let's you know what doctors want you to know before you bring your child to the ER.
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