National Screen-Free Week: Join In

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Summary: Screen-Free Week is a national celebration where families turn off entertainment screen media, TV and video games. Could YOU do it?
Air Date: 4/17/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Dr. Marjorie Hogan, MD
HoganMargieMarjorie Hogan, MD, FAAP is a pediatrician practicing at Hennepin County Medical Center, a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of MN in Minneapolis. She is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University and Director of Pediatric Education at HCMC. She is board‑certified in both general pediatrics and adolescent medicine, also with many years of experience in child maltreatment and the effects of media on children and adolescents. Dr Hogan served on the AAP Committee on Communications (later renamed the Committee on Pediatric Education) from 1990‑1999 and was chair of the committee from 1995‑1999. She received the Holroyd‑Sherry Award (given by the AAP for work in the media field) in 2001. She has been a board member for many years, and the first chairperson of the board, for the nationally known National Institute on Media and the Family in the Twin Cities. She has authored or co‑authored several articles and chapters on many aspects of children and media for a variety of publications. Dr Hogan recently won the Gold‑Headed Can Award for lifetime achievement in pediatrics from the University of Minnesota.
National Screen-Free Week: Join In
Screen-Free Week (April 29 - May 5, 2013) is a national celebration where children, families, schools, and whole communities turn off entertainment screen media,TV, video games, apps, etc.

Rather than focusing on these electronic outlets, this is a time to spend playing, creating, reading, exploring nature, and enjoying family and friends.

Can YOU family find each other again and enjoy each other's company?

Organizing a Screen-Free Week is easy.

Dr. Marjorie Hogan offers some helpful tips on how to turn off the tube. Learn how to reconnect with your kids - not just this particular week, but in all the weeks to come!
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