Is Your Rx Medication Killing Your Kids?

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Summary: More adults are taking medications for chronic diseases. But these same meds are linked to increasing rates of poisonings in kids.
Air Date: 6/12/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Dr. Lindsey Burghardt, MD
BurghardtLindsey resizedDr. Burghardt received her undergraduate degree from The College of William and Mary and her medical degree from Yale University. She completed her pediatric residence at the University of Colorado, and then completed a fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital. She is currently an Instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and an attending physician in pediatric emergency medicine at Boston Children's Hospital and South Shore Hospital. She is also completing her Masters of Public Health at Harvard University. She lives in Boston with her husband and two children.
Is Your Rx Medication Killing Your Kids?
More adults are taking prescription medications for chronic diseases. These may be for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol control.

Unfortunately, these same medications are linked to increasing rates of poisonings in children and teens.

A study in the July 2013 Pediatrics, "Adult Prescription Drug Use and Pediatric Medication Exposures and Poisonings," published online June 3, found poisonings in children were strongly correlated with rising rates of use of several adult medications, including diabetes drugs, statins and other lipid-lowering medications, beta-blockers, and opioids.

Special guest, Dr. Lindsey Burghardt, offers life-saving advice on how to keep your children safe from YOUR prescription medication.
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