Are There Unlocked Guns Where Your Kids Play?

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Summary: In America, one out of three homes with children has a gun.
Air Date: 6/18/14
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Daniel B. Fagbuyi, MD, FAAP, MAJ, MC, USA
Fagbuyi Daniel 005 2redoDaniel Fagbuyi, MD, is the Medical Director of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; providing strategic leadership in disaster preparedness, response, business continuity and community outreach efforts. He is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine with board certification in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He was recently appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, to the National Biodefense Science Board providing expert advice and guidance on preventing, preparing for, and responding to adverse health effects of public health emergencies. In addition to addressing the needs of children before and when disaster strikes, Dr. Fagbuyi served as Special Medical Advisor to the FDA Office of the Commissioner and Pediatric therapeutics and has been a crucial advisor/subject matter expert instrumental in numerous international, national, state and local initiatives.

He is a member of the District of Columbia Emergency Healthcare Coalition, Emergency Preparedness Committee, the National Capital Region’s National Medical Response Team (NMRT), and At-Large member of the District of Columbia Trauma Committee. Under the leadership of Gen. David Petraeus, Dr. Fagbuyi (MAJ) was involved in combat and civil military operations, serving as an infantry man/battalion surgeon on the front lines and caring for more than 800 soldiers while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom with the U.S. Army ‘s 101st Airborne Division, 1-502 infantry. He was Liaison to the Iraqi Ministry Health, various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and numerous medical treatment facilities, conducting and facilitating medical treatment along with critical infrastructure assessments and repair. He attended medical school at the George Washington University School of Medicine, completed his residency in Pediatrics at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C., and his fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. In addition to authoring and co-authoring various medical literatures, Dr. Fagbuyi delivers expert testimony and presentations to the Bi-Partisan committees and congressional leaders on the Hill and has also made various appearances in both lay and professional media (radio, TV, and print), from the Washington Post to the Today Show.
Are There Unlocked Guns Where Your Kids Play?
In America, one out of three homes with children has a gun, and nearly 1.7 million children live in a home with a loaded, unlocked gun.

Every year, thousands of kids are killed and injured as a result.

The ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign, a partnership of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, promotes a simple idea with the potential to help keep kids safe.

It encourages parents to ASK if there are unlocked guns in the homes where their children play.

Parents ask all sorts of questions before their children visit other homes. They ask about pool safety and pets, discuss allergies and Internet access, and ask questions about supervision.

ASK encourages parents to add one more question to this conversation: "Is there an unlocked gun in your house?" It's a simple question, but it has the power to save a child's life. According to AAP President James M. Perrin, MD, FAAP, "All parents care about the safety of their children.".

The ASK campaign helps parents talk with each other comfortably about guns in the home. "Any parent can make a difference by asking this question and encouraging others in their community to do the same."

The campaign features many new, relatable tools to raise awareness of this safety issue and to help parents with having the safety conversation. Dr. Daniel Fagbuyi offers advice for parents on what to do and say if there is an unlocked gun in someone's home.

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