Winter Safety

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Summary: Winter is here! Keep your child safe and warm.
Air Date: 1/16/18
Duration: 16:37
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Jaime Friedman, MD
Dr. Jaime FriedmanJaime Friedman, MD, FAAP, is currently a primary care pediatrician at Children's Primary Care Medical Group in San Diego, CA. She is the Lead Physician of her office and is a member of her group's Board of Directors. Prior to working at CPCMG, Dr. Friedman worked for two years in the Emergency Department at Rady Children's Hospital.

When Dr. Friedman is not seeing patients, she is busy working on marketing and social media. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Communications and Media and blogs at She is also a graduate of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency.

Dr. Friedman grew up in Baltimore, MD. After four years at the University of Rochester for her undergraduate degree, she returned home to attend medical school at the University of Maryland. She did her pediatrics residency at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, OR.
Winter Safety
Winter is here. Make sure your child stays warm and healthy during these frigid times.

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  • Dress baby in thin layers before putting him in a car seat. Strap him in and cover him with blankets for warmth. It’s safer than strapping in a baby in a puffy coat.
  • Babies should be in one more layer than an adult requires for warmth.
  • Your baby should wear warm pajamas in the crib. Don’t leave spare blankets in the crib.
School-Age Children

  • Drive your kids to school if it’s really cold.
  • Dress them in several thin layers. Add a warm coat, mittens, hats and scarves.
  • Helmets are best for winter sports. Don’t forget sunscreen.
  • Wet clothes draw heat from the body. Make sure your children change clothes if they get wet or excessively sweaty outside.
Hypothermia happens when the body temperature drops below normal because of cold weather. Watch for shivering, tiredness and behavior changes. It’s best to schedule breaks to warm-up inside during the outdoor playtime.

Frostbite affects extremities and smaller body parts like the ears, nose and fingertips. Watch for pale or gray skin. Your child may complain that the area hurts. Apply warm water to the area and watch for recovery. Wrap your child in blankets and feed her some soup. If you see blistering or hear complaints of numbness after gently warming the area with water, contact your pediatrician or visit the hospital.

Dry Skin

Winter wreaks havoc on skin. These tips will help:

  • Stick to warm baths— not too hot.
  • Pat dry after the bath and apply moisturizer and any balms or ointments.
  • Remind your children not to lick their lips and chap them.

  • Watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning from a wood burning stove.
  • Don’t operate a space heater unattended.
  • Use cold water on burns, not ice. Don’t pop blisters, because they protect the sensitive skin beneath.
Listen as Dr. Jaime Friedman joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share winter safety tips.

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