Emergency Preparedness: Where to Take Your Child

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Summary: Coordinate with your pediatrician to know where to go for emergency treatment.
Air Date: 7/9/19
Duration: 13:12
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Kate Remick, MD
Kate Remick headshotDr. Kate Remick is one of the Executive Leads for the EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center and Lead for the Hospital Base and Collaborative domains. She is also assistant professor of pediatrics at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas and EMS Director for the PEM Fellowship. 

Dr. Remick is one of the core leads for the National Pediatric Readiness Project, a national effort to ensure emergency departments are ready to meet the needs of critically ill and injured children.

She has lectured at the state and national level on a variety of topics related to pediatric emergency care and pediatric quality improvement. In addition, she has held leadership positions with several state, national, and professional organizations to promote high quality emergency care for children across the healthcare continuum. Her primary focus is clinical quality and patient safety through provider education, development of evidence-based management guidelines, and system-level readiness.  

Most recently, she has led a national quality improvement collaborative of over 100 emergency departments across 17 states to improve day-to-day readiness for children with a focus on: pediatric patient safety, early recognition of critically ill children, family centered care, and pediatric disaster preparedness.

Prior to coming to Texas, Dr. Remick completed a Pediatric Residency and Chief Residency at Washington University in St. Louis, a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Harbor-UCLA, and an EMS Fellowship at Los Angeles County EMS Agency. Dr. Remick is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Emergency Medical Services.
Emergency Preparedness: Where to Take Your Child
If an emergency happens with your child, what should you do? Can your local emergency department handle your needs?

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Underlying conditions and special needs can influence where your child should receive emergency care. It’s important to speak with your pediatrician to coordinate the best place to go if an emergency arises. 

Not all hospitals are required to prepare to meet the unique emergency needs of children, and no provider wants to feel ill prepared to deal with a critical child. While there are programs working with hospitals to handle those gaps in critical care needs, there is no national standard on what emergency departments should have in place to treat children. You can speak with your local hospital’s leadership to see what you can do to help bridge the gap.

Listen as Dr. Kate Remick joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss how to prepare for an emergency and know where you should take your child.


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