School Readiness

From the Show: Healthy Children
Summary: Get your child ready to return to school.
Air Date: 8/20/19
Duration: 19:21
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Patricia Gail Williams, MD, FAAP
P Gail WilliamsDr. P. Gail Williams is a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician at the Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center at the University of Louisville Dr. Williams participates in multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluations for children with a variety of developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), ADHD, intellectual and learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. Dr. Williams also provides medical consultation and medication management to children with ASD at the UL Autism Center. She is a member of the Kentucky Advisory Council on Autism and chairs the Alliance for Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health in Kentucky. Dr. Williams is the course director for the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics rotation for pediatric residents in the University of Louisville School of Medicine and division chief for developmental medicine at WCEC.

Dr. Williams obtained her Medical Degree from the University of Louisville, School of Medicine, and completed her pediatric residency and fellowship in DBP at the University of Louisville. She has published a number of research articles on autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. She is a reviewer for a number of journals and is on the editorial board of Frontiers in Pediatrics Journal. Currently she is Professor in the Department of Pediatrics.
School Readiness
Back-to-school time is here. You have to get your student ready to return to the routine of school.

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School Readiness Tips:

  • You want your child to be curious and ready to learn. Teaching your child how to read before school starts is useful.
  • Emotional and social readiness is also important. Be sure your young children are ready to sit in class and pay attention.
  • Adverse childhood experiences impact an entire life. These students are very vulnerable and require extra support.
  • Emphasize nutrition from a young age.
  • A well-balanced routine is important for children. Regular exercise and in-person social interaction are necessary to balance out the digital game playing.
  • Pump your child up for the first day of school, especially if separation anxiety could be an issue.
Listen as Dr. P. Gail Williams joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss school readiness.


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