Places for Passion: Reignite Romance with a Getaway

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Summary: How can you use a one-night getaway to reignite passion?
Air Date: 3/10/16
Duration: 10
Host: Michelle King Robson and Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Janet Lever, PhD
Janet LeverDr. Janet Lever earned her PhD at Yale University and is Professor Emerita of Sociology at California State University, Los Angeles. Along with Dr. Pepper Schwartz she co-authored the “Sex and Health” column for Glamour magazine for a decade in the 1990s, and she continues to appear in national media as an expert in intimate relationships and sexuality. After leading teams of researchers that designed the three largest magazine sex surveys ever tabulated, Dr. Lever came to ELLE in 2002 to lead a series of annual surveys hosted on both the health and the business sections of NBCNews.com (formerly msnbc.com). Her Office Sex and Romance Survey; Work, Sex, and Power Survey; “Good Sex” Survey; and Sex and Money Survey are among the largest surveys on these understudied topics. Each of these internet surveys has been reanalyzed for social science, management, health, and medical journals.
Places for Passion: Reignite Romance with a Getaway
Getaways are perfect for reigniting passion.

You’re out of the environment that contains your regular stressors: work, kids, bills, etc. Why not take the opportunity to score big romantically?

You can turn any hotel room into a love nest. Try these tips from sociology professor and sexuality researcher, Dr. Janet Lever:

  • Book early and mention you’re going on a romantic getaway.
  • Get a room with a tub or shower made for sharing. Bring special bath products if the place you’re staying won’t have any available.
  • Get a room with a refrigerator to chill your own alcohol and finger foods.
  • Expect to spend money to get a romantic room.
  • Bring candles and candle holders to get the same lighting as a fireplace. Just remember to blow them out before you leave the room.
  • Bring your own music to set the mood.
Listen in as Dr. Lever discusses how to have a passionate getaway.