Start Plogging During Your COVID-19 Quarantine

From the Show: HER
Summary: Lauren Deeley is cleaning up your trash on the trails - one hike at a time.
Air Date: 6/1/20
Duration: 26:16
Host: Pam Peeke, MD
Guest Bio: Lauren Deeley

Lauren Deeley is an avid lover of the outdoors and has built a life around finding joy & laughter in the wilderness. In her current role as an Adventure Specialist at Natural Habitat
Adventures, she helps people experience some of our world’s most stunning wild places.
When she’s not chatting with guests, or organizing “Cinco Decathlon” (a single-day event
featuring 10 mountain sports and just as many costumes), she’s running, climbing, and
skiing in Colorado’s backcountry, filling her reusable trash bag on every journey. If it’s
outside and it’s fun, Lauren’s probably doing it!

Find her on instagram: @epic.life

Start Plogging During Your COVID-19 Quarantine
Whether it's hiking up a mountain or going for a run in your neighborhood park - there no doubt you've seen trash on the trails as you go. Most of us, honestly, just leave it behind. But did you know the act of picking up trash as you jog has a name?! Its called Plogging. 

To talk more about plogging, the great outdoors, and why she feels the need to clean it up herself is Lauren Deeley - an Adventure Specialist at Natural Habitat Adventures in Colorado, and self-appointed "Wilderness Cleaner-Upper."