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Articulate, passionate and humorous, Dr. Holly Lucille breaks down the myths and misconceptions about health and health related topics.

Effective Bio-Herbal Topical Skin Creams

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Treatments for dry, itchy face and body conditions can take a toll on your skin. What are the alternatives?
Air Date: 12/4/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN
Guest Bio: Dr. Nadia Ciuha, ND
AIbEiAIAAABECJL0xKaax-CbsgEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKig4NTU2MTYwYWMxZjFlNGI3MThhNDYzZWM2YmQ0NzNhZjY1OTg2YjZhMAHHUm2r8kcHCY8yN0MTSsRhCG9NdADr. Nadia Ciuha is a 2006 graduate of Bastyr University. Her private practice, Naturopathic Living, is located in Washington DC.

Dr. Nadia serves as a general family physician, as well as a naturopathic specialist. Her focus areas include dermatology and digestive health.
Effective Bio-Herbal Topical Skin Creams
Do you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, acne or seborrheic dermatitis? 

Are you tired of being prescribed topical ointments that don't work and come with devastating side effects? Or being offered course after course of antibiotics?

Dr. Nadia Ciuha discusses the newest technology and clinical trials that have produced natural and effective bio-herbal skin care creams. These developments, says Dr. Ciuha, may just change your life.