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Juicing vs. Cleansing vs. Blending: What's the Difference?

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Juicing, cleansing, blending: you've heard it all but have no idea how to maximize these health benefits.
Air Date: 2/5/14
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN
Guest Bio: Ray Doustdar
Ray Ray Doustdar is the CEO of BUICED Inc., and the creator of the all new BUICED Liquid Multivitamin, as well as the curator of Everyday Juicer, a website dedicated to helping people add fresh vegetable juicing to their daily lifestyle.

Through fresh vegetable juicing, Ray was able to bring down his cholesterol from 234 to 168 (down 28%) by incorporating juicing into his daily lifestyle.

During this time, he discovered that although the leafy greens are packed with phyto-nutrients, they lack many essential vitamins and minerals.

He tried taking vitamins in pill form after each juice, but they upset his stomach. Then Ray learned liquid vitamins are more readily available for easy absorption, so he decided to solve his own problem and created BUICED to "boost his juice."
Juicing vs. Cleansing vs. Blending: What's the Difference?
Cleansing, juicing, blending... you may have heard these are all ways to get rid of unwanted fats, increase your nutrients or just start eating healthier but are a lost cause when it comes to knowing which method is used for what.

Don't give up just yet.

Cleansing is a way to remove the unwanted toxins from you body. Some cleanses focus on specific organs while others address the entire body.

Cleansing is something that is often looked at as a "quick fix," which can often lead you to believe a temporary fix cures all.

Juicing, which requires a machine, turns your raw fruits and veggies into liquid. The liquid juice contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in the whole fruit. You might have also heard that juicing is another quick fix to help promote weight loss.

However, juicing can be used daily and help restore nutrients in your body.

Blending can play a major, healthy role in your life. When you cleanse and juice you are receiving essential nutrients; however, your body is missing out on fiber and protein. That's where blending comes in.

Everyday juicer, Ray Doustdar, sets the record straight with Dr. Holly Lucille when it comes to juicing, cleansing and blending your foods.