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Stress Remedy: Power of Healing Is in Your Hands

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Creating a positive synergy can promote positive health.
Air Date: 2/26/14
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN
Guest Bio: Doni Wilson, ND, CPM
Dr Doni HeadshotDr. Donielle (Doni) Wilson, a nationally celebrated naturopathic doctor, teaches women, men and children how to make life-changing differences to improve their health using natural approaches.

Suffering from environmental and food allergies herself, Dr. Doni was inspired to create a specialized approach to food sensitivities and "eating for health" - The Hamptons Cleanse - a popular, gluten-free nutritional regimen that reduces inflammation, heals leaky gut (a digestive issue that leads to food sensitivities), supports detoxification and weight loss, and brings the body back to a state of optimal health.

In her new book, THE STRESS REMEDY, Dr. Doni discusses how and why we experience stress, its impact on health and well-being, and offers expert guidance on how to reduce stress and reclaim optimal health.

Dr. Doni graduated from Bastyr University and is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and certified nutrition specialist. Dr. Doni is frequently called upon to discuss her approaches and her research related to stress in the media, as well as at both public and professional events.

She was awarded the New York Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NYANP) Naturopathic Doctor of the Year award and is well-respected in her field for serving as the President and Executive Director of the NYANP for the past ten years. She continues to play an instrumental role, leading the effort to license naturopathic medicine in New York State.

Dr. Doni, who is also a single mom, is no stranger to stress, and attributes her good health to mastering how to support the body, by applying science, with food, exercise, sleep and stress remedies.
Stress Remedy: Power of Healing Is in Your Hands
When life throws you multiple stressors, it may feel like you're trapped in a never-ending cycle of irritability, uneasiness and pressure.

It can also cause you to become sick with other serious health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, chronic fatigue, IBS, anxiety and depression.

Are you aware of what these stressors are?

The causes could be mental, emotional, caused by a crisis or, one many people don't even realize they have is a passive stressor.

Passive stressors can be happening every day without you realizing it. One is not getting enough sleep.

What if there were options to help heal your body on your own?

Whatever the symptoms may be in any sickness or situation, it's important to be an advocate for your own body.

Learn to translate the science of stress into something that can make sense of what you're feeling.

Nationally celebrated naturopathic doctor, Doni Wilson, ND, joins Dr. Holly to discuss ways to take control of your body and distress from all the constant buildup of demands in your life.