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7 Lab Values Crucial for Monitoring Your Health

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Even though you might be feeling fine, it's still important to get annual blood work done.
Air Date: 7/30/14
Duration: 10
Host: Holly Lucille, ND, RN
7 Lab Values Crucial for Monitoring Your Health
If you're trying to stay on top of your well-being, having your blood work drawn at least once a year can help you evaluate how your lifestyle has either helped or damaged your health.

Even if you feel well and you're doing well, that doesn't mean you should write the doctor's office and lab work off completely. And, when you're feeling a little "under the weather" and just assume it's nothing to worry about, you shouldn't shake that off either.

One test you should consider getting next time you make an appointment is your fasting insulin levels, which shows your blood glucose levels over time. Typically, when you get blood work done, your glucose levels are taken; but not over a period of time.

What are the seven lab values crucial for monitoring your health?
  • Fasting insulin
  • Fasted lipid panels
  • Triglycerides
  • Percentage of body fat
  • Ferritin
  • Waist size
  • Uric acid level
  • Vitamin D level

Dr. Holly explains the seven lab values you really need to monitor to keep your everyday health in check and why you need them done annually.