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5 Do-It-Yourself Cold Remedies

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: What are some homeopathic cold and flu remedies that won't make you feel like you're in a complete fog?
Air Date: 10/29/14
Duration: 10
Host: Holly Lucille, ND, RN
5 Do-It-Yourself Cold Remedies
Flu and cold season slowly starts to approach in the early month of October and can last until the spring. Having a cold can make you feel miserable and cause you to spend your days planted on the couch, isolated from the outside world.

Typically, adults are known to have two or three colds throughout the year which last seven to 10 days. However, if you have asthma or other respiratory illnesses, your cold can last for weeks and potentially cause a more serious illness.

There are ways to prevent yourself from falling ill to the common cold, such as washing your hands often, staying away from people who are sick, and avoiding touching your face, eyes and nose.

Are there any treatments for the common cold?

Unfortunately there is no cure for the common cold. You can take over-the-counter medication to help ease symptoms, but sometimes these medications can put you in a fog throughout the time you are sick.

Are there any home remedies that can help?

According to an article on Care2, there are five home remedies you can use to soothe your cold symptoms:
  • Cayenne pepper drink: Mix together ½ cup of water with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of maple syrup, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice. After you heat it up in a kettle, let it cool and drink up.
  • Salt water gargle: Take ½ teaspoon of sea salt and ½ cup of water and gargle every couple of hours to help relieve sore throat symptoms.
  • Vinegar gargle: Mix together ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and ¼ cup of warm water and gargle every couple of hours.
  • Red onion cough syrup: Chop ½ of a red onion and toss with ¼ cup of brown sugar. Put together in a bowl, cover and let it sit overnight.
  • Garlic toast: Toast one slice of wheat bread and spread one tablespoon of butter and two cloves of garlic.
Dr. Holly shares quick, easy and effective remedies to soothe the symptoms of cold and flu.