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Probiotics: How Does Your Gut Garden Grow

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Learn the basics of probiotics and how the gut microbiome works.
Air Date: 12/13/16
Duration: 26:57
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Tina Anderson
Tina AndersonBilly and Tina Anderson have been involved in bringing health to the lives of others for many years…so the launch of JustThrive® Probiotic was a natural progression into a field they have always been passionate about.

As an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, Billy was instrumental in the creation of a thriving pharmaceutical distribution business. As an attorney, Tina also worked in the pharmaceutical field for 15 years. Together with their family, they had built thriving careers. But, while successful, their careers were not feeding their passion of natural health and well-being.

Throughout the years, Tina and Billy found themselves living an increasingly natural and holistic lifestyle. They found themselves avoiding antibiotics for both themselves and their three children, eliminating over-the-counter medications, living an active lifestyle and eating more whole, real foods. They began focusing on living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle in order to stay healthy and prevent illness, rather than treating an illness as is done in the pharmaceutical industry.

During their quest, they discovered how incredibly important gut health is to overall health, and they discovered that an imbalance in the gut leads to the majority of diseases and illness out there. Tina and Billy also learned that, in order to rebalance your gut, you need to take a daily probiotic that actually works, meaning the friendly bacteria (probiotics) win out the everyday battle over the bad bacteria.

Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that the majority of probiotics on the market simply aren’t working AND they are not natural. They sought out to find a probiotic that was nature’s true probiotic and found it in strains that are now used in Just Thrive® Probiotic. They worked closely with Dr. Simon Cutting, a world-renowned probiotic expert at London University Royal Holloway, to gain access to the most widely studied and used probiotic strains in the world.

Then, Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant was born! 

These days, Tina and Billy find great pleasure in hearing countless personal success stories from customers who have “tried all the probiotics on the market and only Just Thrive helped with debilitating GERD” or the customer whose 6-year-old daughter “started seeing relief from eczema within 3 days after being on JustThrive” or a customer who praised “This is the real deal! Just Thrive Probiotic is the only thing that’s helped me with my symptoms of Crohn’s!” or “We were the only ones to escape the stomach flu in our school this past week!” The opportunity to bring Thrive in to the lives of others continues to feed their passion of bringing health into the lives of others.

When they’re not at the office answering questions, filling orders for Just Thrive® Probiotic and meeting with health food store owners, they spend most of their free time on basketball courts, swimming pools, baseball fields and softball fields watching their three active kids. Billy has been coaching his kids’ teams for the past 10 years and wouldn’t want it any other way. As a college baseball player, he particularly enjoys coaching his son’s baseball team and has a special knack for working with kids.

Tina’s love of power walking through the neighborhood has earned her a reputation of the “lady with her arms swinging” and loves bringing a positive perspective into the lives of others by living a life of gratitude. Mostly, they are family people who value their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. Family is who they are in the deepest sense of the word – which spills over to Thrive and the family of customers they have built and continue to build.
Probiotics: How Does Your Gut Garden Grow
Probiotics products are designed to give you health benefit. The term probiotic actually comes from Greek biota, meaning “life.”

Your body hosts a microbiome— a collection of microorganisms. The human body contains more bacteria than anything else. Every aspect of your health is influenced by your microbiome.

It may be more important for your health to take a quality probiotic than a multivitamin.

Most probiotics contain lactobacillus and bifido bacteria strains. These are the primary strains in the gut. The approach for the past hundred years has been to replenish these bacteria with probiotics.

There now seems to be a better way. It’s tough for live bacteria to survive the digestive system to their destination in the gut. An endospore on some probiotics can help it reach the intestine before it comes to life.

Bacillus strains naturally occur in the gut to the tune of two to three million. Adding billions more via a probiotic will create a stimulatory effect. They should survive about a month and help your gut bacteria garden grow.

The number of colony forming units (CFUs) needed depends on your unique microbiome. For example, your body’s bifido bacteria decreases with age so you may need more as you grow older. Your medication and antibiotic history will affect the supplementation you need. Stress depletes gut bacteria. Diet, alcohol consumption and drinking chemically treated tap water can alter your probiotic needs. Pre-existing digestive issues can influence your supplementation.

Probiotics research is done at the strain level. It’s better to replenish specific strains instead of a fifteen-strain cocktail to try to achieve diversity. Diversity is achieved by taking a product that feeds the good bacteria and eliminating the bad bacteria. Specific strains can be treated for specific conditions.

What about probiotics benefit from yogurt and kefir? Most yogurts have very little probiotic benefit because most probiotics die before reaching the gut. Many yogurts have sugar which is counterproductive to a healthy gut.

Listen in as Tina Anderson and Dr. Holly Lucille discuss the basics of probiotics and improving your microbiome.