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Reducing Pollution in the Home

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Are the toxins in your home contributing to your health issues?
Air Date: 6/13/17
Duration: 21:47
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Nate Bellino, Founder of HomeLab
Nate BellinoNate Bellino is the founder of HomeLab.

He carries a graduate degree in Energy and the Environment from Duke University and is a certified building performance professional.

Over the past decade he has helped create thousands of healthy, efficient homes across the U.S.
Reducing Pollution in the Home
Chronic health issues are on the rise, despite technological and scientific advances.

Environmental toxins can contribute to these chronic health disorders. Low level exposure over time leads to build-up within the body.

Home should be a comfortably place, a retreat from the stressors of the world. You must take action to keep it healthy by reducing environmental toxins.

Common Home Pollutants

  • PM 2.5 (fine particulate matter). This is a key outdoor pollutant that is also generated indoors. It's stored in soft goods like bedding, curtains and furniture.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The concentration is 20 times greater indoors than outdoors. Formaldehyde is a VOC and is present in pressed wood products.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide. Gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide when used. If you do not have and use a vented stove fan, your home may have elevated nitrogen dioxide levels.
Reducing Your Exposure

  • Indoor Air Plus label looks at home characteristics in new construction. Indoor Air Quality is developing a scoring technique to determine how clean your home can be through current ventilation systems.
  • Low-cost monitors for pollutant levels inside your home. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars.
  • Increase ventilation.
  • Frequently launder soft goods in your home.
  • Vacuum regularly.
Listen as environmental toxin expert Nate Bellino joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how to reduce your home's toxins.