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Healing Your Relationship with Eating

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Cultivate a mindful approach to eating.
Air Date: 7/18/17
Duration: 22:58
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Devyn Sisson, Author
Devyn SissonDevyn Sisson, a self-taught chef and self-declared foodie extraordinaire, teaches you how to cultivate a mindful approach to eating: getting acquainted with your body’s nutritional needs, your palate’s likes and dislikes, and the emotional elements that shape your cravings and deep satisfactions with meals.

Sisson elegantly chronicles her personal journey of healing her body through healthful eating, and how you can build health, confidence, and self-esteem from intuitive cooking that transfers into all other areas of life.
Healing Your Relationship with Eating
The vast amount of information currently available about food can lead you to feelings of fear, guilt and judgment. You may stop enjoying food due to information overload.

To enjoy food again, find something that feels good for you. You may enjoy cooking or eating certain foods. Exercise may make you feel calm and creative. Spend more time doing that thing. It will quiet your mind and help your food intuition come to the surface.

Be mindful. Make decisions to eat food and enjoy it while you eat. Consider what drives your cravings. If your craving is emotionally driven, see if there is another way to address those emotions.

If your friend is struggling with food, it is not your job to fix her. Release any judgment. In due time your friend can move through the experience and heal. Try to provide pleasant experiences, not putting pressure on how to experience food.

Listen as Devyn Sisson joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how you can heal yourself with food.